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Pankaj Bhadouria - The Master Chef, Unplugged!

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If  becoming the MasterChef was the destiny of Pankaj Bhadouria, nature started her silent training in her birthplace Delhi's cosmopolitan Food environments Life always gives big opportunities in the form of small hints; Pankaj got it in the form of the 1st cookery realty show- "Amul's MasterChef of India". The show was hosted by none other than Bollywood actor, Akshay Kumar.
 Enjoy this very interesting conversation between Master Chef Pankaj and Atreyee Bhatacharya of B'Khush. 

Stuffed Aubergines

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Happy eating and healthy living By JohnnyWalker
This Week's Recipe : 
Stuffed Aubergines
If you ask me to name a cuisine that is most versatile in its use of eggplants, it has to be Turkey. They even use the term aubergine. Today’s recipe is a take on a Turkish classic. Stuffed eggplant.

Chicken Curry---in the Oven!

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 Today's post is about a the oven. You heard right. A chicken curry, in the oven.

Roasted Garlic Tomato Pasta

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 Roasted garlic-tomato pasta--southern Italian flavors that won’t weigh you down
To all my five senses, there ain't a more appealing combination of colors than red and green and pasta. Oh yes, 'pasta' is a color. One that gives other colors a canvass to taste spectacular.


Abrupt Climate Change: How Do we know They Happened?

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A paleo perspective:

Famine follows the plough in Africa: A ‘dusty’ connection

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A famine provoked by drought, spread over five decades, threatens millions in the sub- Saharan Sahel region of Africa with crop failure, cattle loss, starvation and death.

Coral Bleaching in 2010-- A Human Made Stress to Ecosysyem?

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While the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico dominated the news during summer 2010, it was a somewhat unusual summer for the rest of the world as well. Extreme heat and fires in Russia caused millions of dollars worth of damage. Flooding in Pakistan has resulted in millions losing their homes. And droughts in most parts of sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia have led to crop failures.

Waste that Matters: Plastics in the Pacific Ocean -- A Growing Cause for Concern

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Waste that matters: Plastics in the Pacific Ocean -- A growing cause for concern.

Hello Everyone, I am Jhonny Walker

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It's 9'o clock on a Saturday.
But the regular crowds have all deserted.
I hear some bugles play. In a distant land. Across the seven seas. And I sit here, far from the maddening crowd, hearing the faint sounds of the drowning drum beats. At a distance, but not distant. The heart is fond and the head is high.
I salute the champions in blue.

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