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A Brief Analysis of Gender Based Crimes

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Think about it...

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Most of us know that when we are angry, we attract more anger. When we judge others we draw judgmental people to us. When we are fearful, fearful situations find us. When we are joyful and upbeat, we attract people who match our vibration. When we are kind and generous, we attract people with those virtues. The outward manifestation is driven entirely by our inner disposition. Similarly when we harbor negative emotions we manage to attract negativity. The idea is to think positive thoughts, make positive choices and enjoy a positive life. That’s good, isn’t it?

MASK – Yours or Mine?

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A couple arrives at a social gathering in a fancy car, impeccably dressed, the woman hanging by the man’s arm like an expensive piece of jewelry. People surround them as they would if Monarchy showed up. The couple consumes the attention showered upon them as others slowly arrive and a sizable audience builds up for the night.

It'll be Alright!

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It’ll be alright!

It Never Happened

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Choices and Empowerment

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We meet thousands of people in our lifetime. Only some of these people bring about changes in us that we may have never imagined. We don’t go about looking for these individuals when we think we need to change. They come into our lives at the right time and place. Sometimes we choose them among others because of their appearance, wealth, health, sense of humor etc. We like them and decide to spend considerable time with them. They may be our partners or friends. 

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