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Time for Goodies

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Cupcake with Chocolate centre

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I am a big fan of chocolate and I can have chocolate at any time of the day. The other day I made these cute looking cupcakes to go with a cup-a-tea which is light and sweet. I love chocolate fondant but its quite difficult to make especially the melted centre is quite difficult to get right, so I used a trick (you will find that in the method below). It's simple, easy and bite-size so you can have them guilt free (unless you eat all of them together!!). Here goes the recipe..

Linguine with Smoked Salmon

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Deviled Eggs

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The typical continental version of deviled eggs is that of a cold starter. I remember, my mom used to make deviled eggs which were covered in spicy batter, deep fried and served hot with tomato sauce. So out of curiosity, I did some research and found that deviled eggs originated in ancient Rome as cold hard boiled eggs stuffed with spicy filling. The reason it is called 'deviled' because the dish used to be heavily seasoned. However back home in India, it's served as a hot appetizer instead of a cold starter.

Potato in Yogurt Sauce

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200gms of yogurt (beaten)
3 medium potatoes (cubed)
1 onion (chopped)
2 tomatoes (chopped)
3-4 green chillies (slit in to halves)
1 dry red chilly
1 tsp of panch phoron (a mix of 5 spices)

Meat Kachori and Sweet Chilli Tamarind Sauce

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Peas Paratha

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I made some peas parathas (in Bengali we call it motorshuti-er-kachori) with the English garden peas. There was a distinct hint of sweetness to the parathas which I never got while I had the same dish in India. Both the versions do taste very nice, so no matter which peas you use, you will have an an easy and delicious dinner with this recipe.

Mexican wrap with Ham & Egg

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When I feel really lazy, hungry and don’t feel like cooking at all I make these wraps. This recipe is delicious and ready in 5 minutes, perfect for lunch (or even brunch if you are like me!!). I have used ham in this recipe but you can use any cooked meat, whatever you have in your fridge like left over cooked meat. In this recipe I have used 1 tortilla as it was quite filling for me but you can change the quantity as you prefer. So here goes the recipe...

Chickpea Salad (Warm)

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Sometimes when you get a snack-attack and you want something deliciously spicy nibble but can't really slog in the kitchen for hours to make it, then this could be a perfect solution. It's ready in minutes and a very healthy too. Although I prefer to have it on its own but you can also serve it with lightly toasted pitta bread. 

Chilli Fish

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 This is an easy and fast recipe to cook. If you are looking for a fish dish with lots of flavour, then this could be a good choice. I have used Monk fish but you can use any white fish you like.


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