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Heal With Smita : Vision Boards and Gratitude!

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Do you have unfulfilled desires? Do you have goals to achieve? Did you as a child always wanted to do that something “special” which you still haven’t done? Do you sometimes lack focus, get entangled in everyday routine and leave your goals behind?Our goals or wishes could be from any walk of life, from losing weight, to starting to work again, improving self-esteem, raising kids happily, buying a house, starting your own business, going to the gym, or earning more.

Heal With Smita : The Chakras

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Keeping the knowledge and Wisdom of our Vedic times in mind, here is an informative article on Chakras, the wheels of Energy in our Subtle Body, to help you understand the importance of balancing and strengthening them for your overall Health and Joy in life.

The word Chakra in Sanskrit means a Wheel, a spinning wheel of energy. In Meditative states, these spinning wheels of energy are experienced to be located in the center of the body, in our Central Governing Channel, called the Sushumna Nadi. 

Heal with Smita : "Meditative Techniques"

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"That silent gap between your thoughts is your window to the cosmic mind" - Deepak Chopra

We all have a thought field which is a very dynamic place of movement of thoughts. Thoughts come and go throughout the day, from what we see, hear and touch, and we accordingly carry out actions through our body. Do we remember all the thoughts we had yesterday or only those which leave an impact on us? Sometimes external inputs, for example from TV or what we see on the road, trigger memories from our past.

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