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The Call of The Rainbow

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The Call of the Rainbow

Chapter 1

Unraveling Ruminations : "The Journey"

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The Journey

The Journey is a short story about two women who have a wrong impression of each other, until they are forced to sit together on a train journey.

Unraveling Ruminations

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What Is The Modern Woman Made Up Of?

"Unraveling Ruminations" : What Does It Take to Be Really Happy?

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What Does It Take to Be Really Happy?


Unraveling ruminations : "The Matrilineal Society of Meghalaya"

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The Matrilineal Society of Meghalaya: Where Gender Equality is Not an Utopia

Last September, I had the opportunity of visiting one of the most beautiful sisters of the Seven Sisters of India with my husband for a five day tour. It might sound surprising but this was my first visit to the mountains in the true sense of the term and Shillong, popularly known as the Scotland of the East for its lush meadows, was just perfect.

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