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Paneer Pasanda

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Black Bean Soup With Labna

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This soup is thick, rich, and velvety in texture. Meat lovers love these beans because of the meaty taste. Black beans are very healthy. They have high fiber, cancer-fighting antioxidants, and protein. They are mostly used in Mexican cuisine. You can make cake, chili, soup, stew, patty, or even dip with black beans. Labna is very very easy to make flavored, strained yogurt. It is also known as yogurt cheese. Usually, making labna takes 2-3 days because they strained every ounce of liquid from yogurt, and hang it wrapped in a cloth for 2 days. It then comes out very silky and smooth.

Pulav Tadka

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The pulav is usually made without Tadka. I tried to twist it a little without too many spice or ingredients. This is very light Pulav recipe. It is a combination of Jeera Rice and Pulav. This is the best way to use leftover rice, and its very different taste wise.


Paneer - Potato Frankie

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To me Frankie is vegetables covered in warm wheat blanket. I remember when I was very little, that is what we called it because of the way my aunt wrapped it around vegetables. These frankies were so delicious, I still remember the taste. I mostly had Chinese-flavored frankie in India. I am not sure of the origin of frankie but I would like to think they are Indian version of wraps which are usually spicy and grilled. One can make frankies with tortilla, roti, or even with crepe batter. It is a perfect afternoon snack or morning breakfast.

Tawa Taka Tak

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This is another spicy dish that makes your mouth water. Tawa is large, flat, dish- shaped skillet. They are made from aluminum, cast iron, non-stick, or steel. Tawa is very famous for making rotis, parathas, pav-bhaji, chat, several rice dishes, dosas, subzis etc. There are many tawa recipes out there. Usually, tawa subzis are stuffed and cooked on tawa, but there are many other ways to cook with tawa.

Spinach Tomato Dal

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This is simple, tasty, and healthy dal recipe. It is high in vitamin c (tomato) , protein (lentil), and fiber(spinach) from this dal. This item is very good for the pregnant women. I used cherry tomatoes, which infuses the unique sweetness to the dal. I grilled cherry tomatoes a little for serving. It is a simple thing but will look very trendy and will add more a little more flavor to the dal.

Restaurant Style Tandoori Aloo

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This is very easy restaurant-style aloo tandoori recipe without using tandoor, It has a smoky tandoor flavor. This aloo has amazing thin crust on top because of sugar and flour, but is very soft inside. Keep an eye out when you broil aloo to keep them from burning. To give it a restaurant-style tandoori look, I used a tiny drop of red color. You can totally avoid it if you don't like the food color. 

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