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Shweta Teckchandani: Walking the Ramp to a Glamorous Life!

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She’s a doctor. No wait. She’s a Miss India Global. Okay, she’s both. And you thought only Superman could play two roles! Shweta Teckchandani is the ideal example of the medical world and the glamour world coming together. Not only is she a Bay Area resident and a doctor, but has managed to bag the Miss India Global title making her a one of a kind in many ways.

I am SHE...

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Excuse me.. Before you jump to any conclusion from the title that the post is about Sushmita Sen's newly launched platform about choosing Miss Universe participant from the country, it has nothing to do with it. Somehow for the contents that I am going to pour in the next few paragraphs, I could not find a better caption.

Make Up For Glasses

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Having trouble with eye makeup for glasses? This tutorial will show you a fun way to enhance your eyes with makeup to wear with glasses.

Air Brush Make-Up Tutorial

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An Airbrush makeup application is the only choice for that special occasion when you need to look stunning and not worry about your makeup streaking, fading or wearing off. See for yourself how it looks to be flawless. Check out the video for a demonstration of how the air brush make up works.

Food for your skin, from Nature

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I always wonder how good are the face masks that we buy from stores? No matter how effective they claim to be and how pricey they might seem, can anything subsitute for natural home made products? Facial masks have been a part of beauty regimen for women from times immemorial and the ingredients used for these were always wholesome and natural. Sharing some such home made masks which derives its contents from nature.

Skin Care - The Natural Way

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To keep our skin vibrant and healthy on a regular basis, we must have a regimen that incorporates exfoliation and nourishing the skin. Regular skin care program does not have to include a department store or drug store solution. One can prepare an all nature skin care program right from the kitchen table and manage to get the same results.

Pack Your Makeup Bag

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Do you love to travel? Well, packing becomes a big deal whenever the travel bug bites you. If you are travelling with kids, it becomes all the more difficult. When we are packing we usually go by the “first things first” rule. Most of the time, packing these “first things” makes me exhausted. I somehow manage to pack my make up bag in the last minute. The result : I forget things!

Got Sun Burns?

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We like the bright sunshiny days of summer. But do we also like the sun burns that  we get , when we go out in the sun? NO! that is the worst part of the summer, you get bad sun burns!. Over exposure to sun rays and the ultraviolet light is the common cause of sun burns. Sun burns not only look bad but they can also damage the skin really bad.

Foot Candy

I have recently purchased a pair of boots after searching for months together since, I am really finicky about the heels and by the way did I mention that they were on 'SALE'. A sale sign is like a flame which draws moths like me to it. I am sure women will identify with what I am saying.

High Heel Confidential


 How does one accessorize the soft sheaths of a maxi dress or the sensual curves of a clingy jump-suit, or the subtle décolletage of a strapless tube? Personally, I don’t accessorize as much as I would like to—more often than not because I do not particularly like the ‘busy’ look, but also because I feel like even too much textile would overwhelm my frame, let alone jewelry, totes, belts, and scarves.

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