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You Are Pregnant

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It was one of those days when chores seem a pile of mountains - relentless and unforgiving. Since screaming was not an option either, I headed out to get some cigarettes. Little did I know what that trip had in store for me.

Red in Legerdemain

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It was long ago in a city, beyond the beyond, called Legerdemain, that a certain incident brought chaos in the lives of the bored gentry there. It was a gray city surrounded with gray walls and even grayer people. Early mornings wrapped in fog would hear the whistle of the tea kettle that would awaken the sultry people to go and look for what they had to - jobs, lives, food, company, (monotonous regularity?).

Pin Drop Chaos

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When the pin dropped - all hell broke loose.

Letter to ACLU from a Tri Valley University Victim

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Dear Mr. Anthony D. Romero,

I congratulate you and the entire peaceful army of ACLU in their continuous efforts to protect the civil liberties of The Common man.

I am a newly joined ‘Guardian of Liberty’ at your selfless serving prestigious organization. This is to bring to your notice a highly sensitive issue, which has jeopardized the careers and lives of over 1500 international students living in The United States of America.

Desi Girl

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The Never Ending Story

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Today was special, just too special. As she stretched herself like a cat, Dia smiled. She didn’t do her usual running up to the window and furiously drawing the curtains – strangely the morning sun didn’t hurt her eyes. She had a beatific smile plastered on her face as she ran up to Dhiren and planted a wet slurpy kiss on his cheeks.
She pushed him aside - I’ll make tea today. Dhiren was looking very alarmed now. What’s wrong with you darling, is everything ok? She smiled her secret smile. Naah, I’ll keep my rendezvous a secret. If Victoria can have a secret, why can’t I?

Inspirational Awakening

I have read several books and delved into countless writings, but my inspiration still remains the same – Ayn Rand. I started reading her books when I was in school and had a reasonably capitalistic bent of mind. However, I do not agree with her philosophy of capitalism anymore, but her strong and persuasive and dominating play of words is like a blast of hot air and affects you long after reading. She was a renowned philosopher of her times. She mainly wrote hard core philosophical stuff.

The Ophiuchus Manglik

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Apurba Laha was born after numerous vows and rituals to a grateful Golok Chand Laha and Kaveri Laha . Golok Chand or Golok Seth was enamored by the charm and grace of Kaveri an accomplished Kathak dancer when he graced a Lion’s Club fund raiser at the Kala Mandir.Kaveri was known as Maha Nartaki in her heyday and Golok Seth was performing a familial obligation by attending the event.

Flight 462

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Captain Van Rijn could barely tolerate rookie First Officer Aalbert De Groot. In his disdain he barely muttered De Groot if he ever had to take his name. Aalbert a large man befitting his surname patiently tolerated the put downs clutching a figurine of Mother Mary given to him by his maternal grandmother, Oma Ans, a rebellious descendant of

Ma Baker

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Mrs. Green dusted the charpoy in the living room as she adjusted her cummerbund. It had been a long year and Tiffany was coming home for the holidays. Charlie Green a veteran tea grower from Darjeeling had long passed away and Liz Green, now the venerable Mrs.Green had settled down in Bow Street, Kolkata a city she fell in love while visiting the mainland for spring breaks.

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