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Pocket Full of Posies

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“Are you sure this is ok? We are not supposed to wander.” the Little Brother asks.
“Come on, you silly. We haven’t seen them for ages. They won’t know. And they play the most fun games”, the Older Sister replies.”There. Can you hear them now?”
A pocket full of posies;
Hush! hush! hush! hush!
All fall down!”

The Stamp Collector

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The boy had started collecting stamps when he was seven years old. An uncle had gifted him with a stamp book for his 7th birthday. He had wished for a train or a G.I.Joe, but his uncle thought it was time the boy took up a hobby.
 His sister had helped him tear off his first stamp from their father’s envelope and place it in his new book. Soon, he learnt to cut them neatly with a scissor.

While You Were Shopping

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She walked down the milk aisle ,pausing in between. One carton fresh milk and one tub of strawberry yoghurt . It was always the same. Usually milk was picked up last, so I knew she would be heading to the cash counter next. She lingers at the ‘This Week’s Grabs’ section and then continues towards the counters.

Angels & Demons in a Dream...

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Once I was lost on an island, in a crystal glasshouse. The glass was painted in blue, tainted with dark sketches of a once existed myth. There was then a lighthouse which stood afar the fields, across the streams. And the crystal rays from the lighthouse awakened the child in me. I, for once wanted to cross the silver streams, and reach the spark, to touch or feel. Emptiness… to fill the emptiness in me…

Random Acts Of Kindness

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 "All eyes fell upon the lady who had got up to collect it. A beautiful woman, dressed formally. There were many like that in the business world, but this woman was special. She looked really young. “Ladies & gentlemen, Aditi Sharma is the 24 year old brain behind the leading Media House Blitz Channel” announced the anchor. A 24 yr old bagging the best entrepreneur award? Heck, she is young, all in the audience thought.

A Simple ghost Story -III

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“Tell us son, what happened at Mandeville?” aunt Preeta inquired.

Tobu and Debu had abruptly come back from Darjeeling just after 2 days. A myriad of emotions went through their minds, somewhere there was a fear of ridicule and embarrassment.

The Long Lost Connection

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chat-room-1.jpgIt was 1a.m in the morning. Harish was on his computer, partly working and partly surfing. He was not much into chats, mostly into checking out friend’s profiles on Facebook and stuff like that. 

A Simple ghost Story - II

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'Don't be a fool, we haven't come all this way to just go back...we are going in.'
Tobu got up, and dusted his bag pack and helped Debu get up as well. They took a deep breath and walked towards the door.

A Simple Ghost Story - 1

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It was a clear sky and a full moon night. It was 6PM and a cold wind blew across Tobu’s face.
Darjeeling was cold even in summer. Tobu and his friend Debu stood in front of Mandeville – a duplex construction on the edge of a cliff overlooking the hills and a distant Kanchenjunga.


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According to almost all the doctors that I know who could afford to go and see the movie, the most unrealistic part of 3 Idiots was the child-birth scene.
Needless to say affordability was more temporal than financial. I for once thought that was perfectly okay. Every second day you read about child birth stories on a table tennis board at a major engineering college.

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