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Let Go If You Have To

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I was thinking of arranging my closet for long time. There were a lot of clothes I don't even wear and don't even remember the last time when I wore a few of them. My husband and I decided that the closet needs to be rearranged so that we can donate some of the clothes to Goodwill.


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Her eyes wandered around the room as if she was looking for something. Or was it someone? She kept looking. Her eyes moved quickly in different directions as if she was trying to take it all in, at once. Was she? The pale walls seemed dark around her. The light coming in from the window was not enough. It looked across a park where no seemed to come and go; the window.

Dangle Veils

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January 6, 2006.
Just after the winter holidays, Ms. Syrine Videl walked into that college, something had changed it s fortunes since then. Since she joined as many as 11 of the best lecturers had left St.Ives College. Just one remained from the old batch. But it was not until June that year, that Principal Laura Sebastian realized the connection.

The Hidden Me

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“I like the way you say” I heard these words and woke up.
It was 2 am and my cell was ringing.I saw the first two digits “91” and my heart started beating faster.
A call from India this time.Hope everything is well at mom’s and inlaw’s place.

The Silence That Spoke

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For that one night I felt I was a man with No Balls !!!

I saw her trembling, I saw her trying to say something with the silence around her, even in the middle of a tube station with so many people walking by during rush hour and the announcements on the speakers there was a strange silence around her, a silence that I felt, a silence that said more than words could have said, the silence of beauty in an ugly world of reality, the silence that merged with the spatter of every rain drop, the silence that merged with the tap of every expensive shoe or a sandal up or down the stairs, the silence that broke all barriers of speech and simply said - "HELP ME".

When In-Laws or Husband Do Not Understand the Situation

Following question was asked by a dear friend...
"I am a stay at home mom and have two kids with a gap of 2 yrs. I had C-Sections both the times. I did not gain much weight after my first delivery and was pretty active, healthy and was in perfect shape too. But things changed completely when my baby was 9 months. We realized that I was pregnant again and was both happy and confused about it. After a lot of thinking and analyzing we decided to go ahead with the baby.

Gender Inequality in India - A Few Questions Raised

With the help of a novel 'Seven Steps in the Sky', I've tried to point out some irrationalities in the way a woman, especially a married woman is treated. The book revolves around the married life of a woman and a few of her female friends and relatives. She was born in a middle class family in a town and was married in an upper-middle class family.

The Inside and The Outside

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The Inside and the Outside may be vastly different – things may not be as they seem from the outside. ...

Love is Freedom...Isn't It?

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Man's greatest desire is for freedom. Freedom within thyself is a longing within humans.  Freedom is the very essential core, the soul, the driving force behind human consciousness: Love is its circumference and freedom is its center. These two fulfilled, life has no regret.  And they both are fulfilled together, never separately. The very essence of love is being free, is being set free, the very point is the feeling of being able to spread your wings and fly freely, to be liberated, to be able to feel existence in purity. 

Women are Always Beautiful

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Random memories of my graduation years and the English literature lectures suddenly struck a chord with the pseudo feminist part of me & I realized how every poet, author, philosopher who had written of women always made it a point that the women they wrote of or spoke of always came across as beautiful & serene. And by beautiful I do not mean just the physical embodiment of the female body but also the fact that they made it a point that women were compared to everything blissful & pure and yet the comparison always lead to the conclusion that women are more beautiful, bold, pure & individualistic than any other element of life like water & a wet woman, fire & the passion, wind & the fun, earth & the beauty...

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