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Earth's Fury

The natural disaster which struck Japan recently is a warning sign for all, that our Earth is getting choked; and in response, the Earth shuddered and threw back what we, as humans have been giving it for so many years.

We need to create immediate reforms in our lifestyle to suit nature and not to change nature to suit our lifestyle.

The Memory Diet

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Euthansia - Having A Right On Your Life And Death

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It were two consenting adults when I or for that matter any of us were born but it would be the consent of, makers of law of the land where I live, the religion I follow and the code and ethics of the society to which I belong (seemingly) that would decide my fate, if I today choose to embrace death.  I would be looking for the consent of all these people who comprise my world if today my body, a bubble f

Pink Ribbon Fatigue

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So, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I hear that there is this crazy Facebook meme going around about women telling all and sundry where they like it.
I like it on the floor
I like it on the couch
I like it in the closet …

 With the “it” being their purse.
 What does it have to do with breast cancer awareness? Nothing. Zilch. Nada.

How To Get Rid of Pimples.....Properly!

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Author: Andre Dennis
There's a lot of debating on what to undertake when you have a pimple. The greatest query folks ask is "to pop, or to not pop?"
Your most excellent defense (and offense) against anything is expertise. So here's a crash course in pimples!!

The Different Health Risks Of Shampoo In Your Hair

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Author: Freddy Roy
Anyone who bathes and wants their hair cleaned uses shampoo. Some shampoos promise your long flowing hair while others make sure that your hair is glowing. These are wonderful sales talk and most people are vain enough to be drawn into it. However, only a few people know that these shampoos have ingredients that are risking their very health every time they use it.

Homeopathy for Travel Sickness

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 Its summer time and I bet everyone must have planned to visit different places.Some get scared to travel because of the squeaky feeling and butterflies they get during travel,spoiling the vacation mood.Now you need not have to worry about,just  keep some homeopathic medicines handy in your purse.

Homeopathy for Common Cold and Cough

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Sneezing, scratchy throat, runny nose—everyone knows the first signs of a cold, probably the most common illness known. Although the common cold is usually mild, with symptoms lasting a week or less, it is a leading cause of doctor visits and of school and job absenteeism.

Seasonal Allergies and Homeopathy

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Hay fever? Itchy eyes, runny nose, rashes? It must be Spring!
Homeopathy is a practice that involves giving you, the patient, minute doses of treatments that produce the same symptoms as the ones that you are trying to relieve. Doing so helps to stimulate your body's own natural immune system to help fight off the allergy and resulting symptoms. 

Enthusiasm Brings Positive Energy for Optimum Health

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"Enthusiasm" Brings positive energy which is one of the factor to attain Optimum Health.

The best way to obtain energy is to create it by living the optimal health lifestyle.


Instead of using caffeine and simple sugars for temporary energy boosts, eat a well-balanced diet
that provides a continuous source of slow-burning vitamin- and phytonutrient-rich foods.

Take supplements to fill in nutritional gaps – they help your body operate at maximum
Regular exercise, even if it’s walking or climbing the stairs whenever you can,

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