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Ayurveda with Anushree

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Until a few months ago, I was in a high-tech job as a software engineer at EMC, California. I left the job 9 months ago, to pursue my passion, and now don several different hats. I actively run a website,, which is my effort to share with others the learnings of Ayurveda that have positively changed my life.

Heal With Smita : Vision Boards and Gratitude!

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Do you have unfulfilled desires? Do you have goals to achieve? Did you as a child always wanted to do that something “special” which you still haven’t done? Do you sometimes lack focus, get entangled in everyday routine and leave your goals behind?Our goals or wishes could be from any walk of life, from losing weight, to starting to work again, improving self-esteem, raising kids happily, buying a house, starting your own business, going to the gym, or earning more.

Holistic Wellness- "Accept Yourself"

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What is Holistic Wellness? : A holistic approach of wellness is combination of: your diet, movement, spiritual and mental wellness. You can have a beautiful body, but if your inner issues are not resolved, soon you will encounter some problems in your physical body.

Ayurvedic Tips for Healthy Hair

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Fed up of brittle and lifeless hair?

Want to add shine and gloss to your dry damaged hair?

Cruising your Way to Health - "Overcoming Barriers"

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What does “women empowerment” even mean?

Is it Feminism? (the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men)

Or is it simply being an empowered human no matter what the gender? 

I love the concept of an empowered human being no matter who you are.

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