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Marriage Masala

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Anjali and Akash just celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary. Their only daughter Arushi is a third grader. The relationship between Anjali and Akash has become quite monotonous after all these years of marriage. Anjali’s life surrounds around Arushi, even though she has grown up quite a bit, she can do things by herself. But still Anjali likes doing things for her. Anjali never really cares to take out some time from her daily schedule and spend it with Akash.  

Why God Made Wives...

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Arunava walked in through the garage door – expecting his 3 year old daughter to run up to him – which she did..He picked her up and peeked into the living room.

He peeked further and saw Anima – his wife of 15 years scurrying across the kitchen to prep the night’s dinner and occasionally nudging/ scolding their 8 year old son to do his homework correctly. He sat with his homework on the kitchen counter and Arunava saw that Anima had not even changed out of her work outfit....Both Mom and son were oblivious to Dads homecoming!!!

"Can I Be Your Friend ?" Syndrome

Too much connectivity with people can sometimes prove to be irksome...with the launch of social networking sites it has become more and more easier to be connected to people with a click of a button.

Liar Liar Pants On Fire

Why do people lie? It’s an absolute myth that “only men lie” who said that women do not lie? Of course they do. We all know that lying is a vice. But we find people doing it…but why? Why do we think that twisting facts here and there or telling white lies are not a big deal?

Maintain A Healthy Relationship With Your Partner

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There is no such thing called a "perfect marriage" or a "perfect relationship". I do not believe in such things.However there should be a joint effort to keep your relationship steady and working. Unless you have a major issue in your relationship that you need to take care of..It's pretty simple to make things work.

Be My Recession Valentine!

Now that recession has truly bitten sharp and deep, 14th February saw lovers sneaking a look at their wallets every time Cupid wasn't looking. Which was pretty often, as a matter of fact. Because Cupid is not recession-proof himself, his arrows simply didn't puncture the gloom-bubble economy this year. Next year maybe, Cupid beatifically smiles, arrows crossed.

Love Is In The Air

The good old Valentines Day is around the corner. Only five days away! The stores are already decorated with hearts and cupid cut outs. Research say that Valentines Day is one of the most commercialized holidays celebrated after Christmas. There are various versions of stories regarding the origin of this very special holiday. But today Valentines Day is all about buying expensive presents, eating out, ordering roses and of course sending greeting cards. Talking about greeting cards, the US greeting card association estimates that nearly one billion valentines are sent each year worldwide. But with the current jeopardized economy this year ...will it be the same? What about you? Are you ready to spend a fortune just to let him/ her know that you really care?

When your likings do not match with your better half:

 When we first get into a relationship everything seems to be rosy. We don’t care even if  our better half is taking decisions for us. For instance you go shopping with your partner, and  you don’t mind if he picks up a particular type of a shirt or a pair of shoes and you think that "oh well I don’t really like the color but awww he picked it up for me...I don’t want to hurt his feelings." In the beginning what feels like "oh my partner is very concerned" slowly turns out to be “It’s always what he wants...for God's sake I have my own likings"!!

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi :)

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sarang i raja dada_1.jpgThe tagline of the Shah Rukh Film says, "There is an extraordinary love story in every ordinary jodi". Well, I can definitely say that it holds true for Sarang and me :). Our story is straight out of a Yashraj Film (including a white salwar kameez... LOL!...but no details there, sorry...).

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