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The Face Behind the Veil - "Fear"

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Whether it be the three Muses or the Fates of Greek and Roman mythology, whether it be Kali, Draupadi, Radha or Sita, women have been idolised and revered. Why then are women battered, enslaved, exploited, subjugated and held on a leash? Do the two concepts not clash? Or does this dichotomy depict the essential aspects of the yin and yang?

Beyond Misogyny

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It is ironic that in India, the premier persons who came forward to claim ‘women’s rights’ were not women but were men. Balaram Das, a sixteenth century poet, very well known inside Orissa but lesser known to out side world, is considered as the premier of feminism.

Mother-Daughter Conflict

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“To compound matters, I had a tempestuous relationship with my mother, and feared the inevitable kickback sure to follow such a final and dramatic departure from daughterhood. What if, instead of joy and excitement, my mother felt threatened by the baby, and pushed even further into the margins of my life?

Motherhood and Sexuality

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In Chapter 1, 27 of the book of Genesis of Old Testament, woman was created together with man, and in the image of God like him.

Questioning Savita Bhabi

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 Tanvi Mishra is from Mumbai and currently she is pursuing her Masters’ Degree in International Journalism from Cardiff University, Wales, UK. In order to complete the course she will have to submit a final assignment. For this assignment she has chosen the topic of Savita Bhabhi. To accomplish her project she was in touch with me and requested me to provide her a background on my views about feminism and sexuality along with pornography. Our discussion encouraged me to blogging where I could express my ideas on sexuality, pornography and freedom of expression.

When Beauty Vexes Beast

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  (A he-man account of spousal familiarity)


Life is a Series of Articles and Posts

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 What is it about putting the pen to the paper and emptying the heart of all its treasures into it? How can this simple act provide the soul with so much joy and peace? Why does this malady make me want to embrace life and break into a spontaneous but clumsy dance?

The Static Face of an Evolving India

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  The term 'marriage' generally bears a striking connotation: love and a life together. Love is the key ingredient of this social union between two people who are committed to spending their lives together. What logically ensues is that in order to get married one needs to be in love. Wedlock seals the romantic involvement and a new life begins for two people. True. This is commonly and most naturally the case the world over.

‘Maids’-I’m waiting!

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 “Oh I have a daily maid too!” Shilpa said and she got a lot of ‘wows’ from her friends. This incident would sound odd for any Indian living in India. Maids are part and parcel of any house. As simple as buying milk, buying vegetables, you buy the services of a maid. But labor is very expensive in the US and so affording a daily maid is like affording five star hotel stay in India everyday!!

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