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Mom's Dilemma

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Today ladies, I am harping on an ever persisting issue of moms working form and out of home. This post is not about what is good and what is not. It is about the different viewpoints and the choices we moms make to adjust our roles. There are many fathers involved in this process of adjustment, as I have seen among many of my friends who have full time working job.

On The Topic of Marriage

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Been married for some time now, I wanted to know the different views all hold about this institution. In today’s supersonic world the system of marriage and its value has taken a new meaning. For the good or bad, I really cannot say, as one who lives it knows it the best. During my visit to India, I asked few ladies their views about marriage.


Are Indian Marriages Dependent on Children?

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 'Are Indian marriages beyond a certain point dependent on children?'
 I am reading a book, ‘One and a half wife’, which I have been asked to review. The main character is a girl, who is brought up to believe in the happiness of the institution of marriage over everything in her life. Her ambitious mother takes her to the United States, a land where she would be ‘well settled with Mr. Moneybags’. The story takes a twist however when after many years into a nonexistent marriage, her husband seeks a divorce and the world collapses around her, because in spite of not loving her husband too, she has been brought up to the belief that marriages are not meant to be broken, no matter what the circumstances.

Shades of Illusion

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Women, babies and Googlie goo!

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 A friend on FB has this status message on Monday-
Someone somewhere must be uploading 150 photos of a baby crawling across a room. Scary Monday
morning thoughts.”- Courtesy Shubho Sengupta


The Changing Face of Education

Change is the only constant factor in life. The education system of India is also following that trend. Since I went to school, times have changed and so has the way of imparting knowledge. Now days the primary schools of India follow the system of ‘no child left behind’, in which children get promoted to the next level without any half term or annual exams.

Adultery, A Sign of Love

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Imagine your spouse/ partner coming up to you and saying, “ Darling, because I love you, I sleep with someone else”! Putting it mildly, this is surely a very new perception of love, I must say.

Thank You Note from Papa’s Pets on Father’s Day!

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Marketing gimmick or not, just like any other occasion people are completing their last minute Father’s Day shopping. After all buying a gift for that special person is such a gratifying experience. Although there are people who opine, it is one more way to increase products sale. To them I would say who cares!

The Home Coming

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The sky was still dark, as the Lord of the day had not made his grand entrance. I peered from the oval window of the plane, tiny yellow and white lights winked at me in a hap-hazardous fashion from the ground below. Had seen it so many times before, and had gone through this scenario several times, but it never fails to take my breath away.

Are Bengali Men Mamma’s Boys?

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Well, a question I was asked last Friday during the usual potluck dinner meet. It was getting slightly windy as the sun almost set in and looked like it would pour any moment. The air in the pool side was filled with aromatic flavors as the men this time offered to help with the barbeque just laid next to the pool.

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