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Zero Tolerances

‘Zero Tolerance’, that is the policy of the school districts, which stands for absolutely no bullying. A very commendable policy which applies only when it is on the school premises with a visual or written bullying incident. With the advances of technology came its misgivings too, giving birth to the concept of ‘Cyber Bullying’.

A Dialogue Between A Mother and A Daughter

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 The 8th of May is celebrated as ‘Mother’s day. This day is usually very important in every child’s life, perhaps because a mother has a very unique relation with their child. Amongst all the relations that a human being ever witnesses, this relation stands out, because through the ages it has been associated with a delicate bond of love, affection and sacrifices galore. Of course over the years, like all other relations, the role of a mother and what she shares with her child has also changed, if not drastically, to a large extent.

Is Divorce Still a Big Deal?

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 November 2004, its 7.30 in the evening, I am settled on the couch with a book, when my phone rings. On the other end is Soma, a close friend and photographer, mother of a beautiful 4 year old. Just as I’m about to settle into a chat, she informs me crisply, “Vedant and I have decided to file for divorce”. I’m concerned and immediately ask her if I should come over?

The Glass Bowl

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On my last vacation to India with my 5-month old son, my mother gave a glass bowl from her crockery trove. The reason I write about this apparently trivial object is because this particular bowl is almost my age (it is from the time when I was a baby just started to have rice cereal from a bowl)...i.e., nearing thirty.

Insecure, Are We?

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A chance conversation with a few friends set me thinking. The conversation was centred around; hold your breath, wimpy men! Now, what sort of a man is considered wimpy, to be more precise, seen as a mamma’s boy? Well, it is there in the word itself, the one who listens to mamma of course!

The Home,within the ‘Homemaker"

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 About two months back, I suddenly had a crisis with my house maid taking a maternity leave and no replacement in sight. In what looked like a rather desperate situation, a desperate me climbed walls (literally this time) to do the neighborly social connect and find a solution to the problem. 
Just then I saw my neighbor, who suddenly assumed very interesting proportions, humming to herself while pottering around her verandah.

Under Their Majestic Shade

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 My ten year old daughter comes home from school and hands me a notice with a dull face. The notice reads, “The school would like to honor the role of grandparents, in every child’s life with a cultural program put up by the children themselves. All grandparents are invited” I look at my daughter and ask her why she is sad.

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