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Why not?

Hello Roshni,

I read through your rant and find it hard to believe that you have chosen to write a blog entry on Freida, who basically has only one film, a bunch of magazine covers and interviews and this video to her credit. You seem to be a bit carried away with assaulting her with words that you've forgotten that everybody should be given a fair chance to prove themselves before you write them off completely.

If the very same Freida had 10 films to her credit and gave flimsy, ignorant interviews any and all the time, then I would be right here next to you bashing her.

Also, I have lived here a very long time in the US, and the accent, if anything, is just a sign of trying to fit in. If she had a thick Indian accent, you'd say, you'll never make it, if you doesn't lose the accent. So, what gives?!

Being ignorant and casual in your 20s, more mature and conservative in your 30s, completely at peace with yourself in your 40s, is typically the way people learn and grow. To label that ignorant is to be ignorant yourself. Let's give the gal a break and see what she can do on screen.. If she can't pass muster, fire away.. if not, hold your peace!


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