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Roshni, I understand how


I understand how some of her comments about Bollywood etc etc may come across as her attempting to in some sense 'distance' herself from actresses from Bollywood and India, which can - especially as an Indian - be annoying to hear!

In her defense I have to say, some of her comments during interviews probably just show her side of things! Which is fine! I mean maybe she has never seen the papparazzi in India as much as she has in the States, or London, and so thats just her point of view, which makes it HER reality.

Also about the accent - now thats where I have to completely disagree with you! I moved to the states a few years ago when I was like 24, and I have had to in some sense make my accent more 'neutral', sort of between and Indian-American-Brit accent to be easily understood at work without people having to continuously ask me to repeat myself. I mean, I can't do a presentation at work where people find it hard to understand me, now can I?

When one learns Spanish or French, they get a Spanish or French accent, because speaking spanish in a normal Indian accent wouldn't's sort of the have to in a sense, adapt to your surroundings. I don't think there's anything wrong in being able to slip in and out of accents..and being an Indian actress FROM India in Hollywood or other international films is hard, because Freida Pinto is creating this niche herself, so she's making her own rules. I think people need to cut her some slack.


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