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Excellent Post

Harish, such insight from an unmarried man and at your age. Really good points.
All true, sadly.
What do you think is the solution? How can we change the way women are viewed. How can we build self worth in a girl so that she can become a human being and not the sub human who is required as an accessory to incubate new life in her womb or the object of male desire or the slave that cooks, cleans and provides for her family and often for her unemployed alcoholic husband? And be treated like cr@p even after that?
A paradigm shift is required in how grass root society views women. How do we get there?
Ironically the Indian president is a woman. Indra Nooyi is CEO of Pepsi Co. Only Desi who went to the moon from Nasa was a woman - Kalpana Chawla.

IMO, Education... is the key, not just for women but men too.



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