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And daddy played the violin…
serenading the Sunday air so wanton for a tune
Yellow rice in the pot…
The white chapel in the distance
competing for shades with the perfect blue sky

And daddy played the violin
Mamma in her floral best
Sorpotel in the pot…
The stench of vinegar in her palms
Yardley in her hair…
mackerels in the pan…
And daddy played the violin

And when the papayas ripened
And the river dried
And snakes shed their winter skin
while foliage browned in the summer sun
and Jackfruit scented the backyard
Daddy played the violin

And daddy played the violin
When the monsoons came
And the river tread a new path
And foliage bloomed in tropical splendor
When feni flowed at litanies
And prayers were offered for flooding lands
And broken hearts
Daddy played the violin

And they played the violin
the day mummy wore black
and folks carried the brown box
singing hymns and chanting prayers
on the last sojourn to eternal rest…
the rites were said…the mud shed
autumn leaves all around….
And silence shattered….
when daddy played the violin…

Play on daddy…
play the violin daddy…
my wanton heart longs for a tune…
….and daddy, he played the violin. – Arthur Cardozo


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