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7 Hot Tips For Sultry Summer Months:

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Every year summer comes with a promise of  a lot of sweat, runny mascaras, melting make-ups and sliding eyeliners.Looking fresh ,on a sizzling hot day can be a challenge.To avoid the makeup massacres and to look fresh this  summer you can try certain simple things.As a fashion pro I would like to share some tips, which you might find helpful.

1. Apply lots of Sunscreen. Protect your skin from damage this summer by using a moisturizer with an SPF factor of 15 or higher. Use it daily and remember that you'll be exposed to harmful UVA and UVB rays even on a cloudy day. Apply half an hour before stepping out.
2. To avoid the too heavy feel on your skin by applying foundation and compact, opt for tinted moisturizer instead, for a fresher lighter look and feel. Apply with a damp sponge and dab a little concealer under your eye for an even look.
3. Avoid lip liner. Wear only natural nude shades as lip colors during daytime. Or you can also carry around those high gloss, tinted lip balms for the summery yet glam look.
4. Eye shadows in lighter, neutral shades are perfect for the summer. If it's really hot and you don't want to go to the effort of applying a full make-up, a touch of mascara and a little eye liner will 'open' up the eye and bring your face to life. For a lighter, more summery appearance, swap your black mascara for one that is either brown-black or brown.
5. To avoid runny mascara due to sweating, apply the waterproof ones.
6. To avoid frizzy dry hair and unmanageable curly hair in the damp humidity of summer, deep condition your hair to tame it. Also protect your hair from direct heat and harmful sunrays by wearing a trendy summer hat or a baseball cap. for a more feminine look you can also opt for a hip scarf.
7. For keeping fresh all day carry an eau-de-cologne in your handbag. Apply 8-10 drops on a wet tissue or towel and dab your face, neck and arms to feel cool and refreshed.

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Thanks for the helpful

Thanks for the helpful tips.Make up massacre in summer is a common thing!

I totally agree that tinted

I totally agree that tinted moisturizer works as magic during the day. Thanks for the tips.

yes tinted moisturizer rocks!

yes tinted moisturizer rocks! good article.

Good Article!

Very helpful tips. Would like to get more tips like this...:-)


Alice in Wonderland

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