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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: Who Are You?

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She is the most beautiful woman in the world. Fair. She dances like a diva. Also fair. But who on earth is Aishwarya Rai Bachchan? I find myself asking that question a lot. What do we really know of the ex Miss World?

After Sushmita managed to just scrape through and rightfully claim the Miss Universe crown, it was Ash who managed to bag the bigger films and productions. And why? Simply because of her innate beauty. But that is ultimately what Ash has banked on to get her as far as she has reached. The lady lacks talent, talking power and don’t even get me started on her giggle. But her career has to be one of the most calculated ones in the history of Hindi cinema. Even Shah Rukh Khan could learn a thing or two from her.
Ash basically realized quickly, that her acting skills were close to nil. And thus, she quickly latched (or lured even) onto Salman Khan, the ultimate Khan of all times. Immediately, she found herself surrounded by offers: good and bad. After a successful run ala Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, where her skills were upped by a good script and under the careful eye of Sanjay Leela Bhansali, she realized her association with the controversial Salman Khan was proving to be more of a disruption. She bid him adieu after claiming she was the victim of abuse (mental, verbal and physical) and looked to Vivek Oberoi, the flavor of the season for some exposure. As a pair they looked lopsided but Ash was on the rise. After she managed to get him involved in a Salman Khan related commotion since which Vivek has been suffering on a professional level. His time with Ash was up as she found solace in the arms of Abhishek Bachchan whom she finally married. Her love life itself has been premeditated and relative to her career.
What never fails to surprise me is amidst the grace which she eludes no doubt, Ash is hardly real. Her answers in most interviews are hardly interesting (read: boring) as they scream diplomacy and routinish. She cannot stop ranting and raving about her amazing in-laws and husband with whom she is oh-so happy. And then there is her irritating and fake giggle which is better left unspoken especially since it is worse than the most excruciating sound in the world and I don’t even know what that sound is! But what most irks me is the sheer fact that Ash happens to be the face of Hindi cinema abroad. How on earth is atrocity occurred is simply beyond me but it has. To the rest of the world, Ash is seen as the ambassador to Bollywood and represents the industry abroad. But why? She lacks acting talent and is hardly involved in any organizations outside the acting arena. Her interviews on an international level are jaded and lack intellect, so how she managed to bag that title, is unanswerable. I would even take Sushmita Sen over her. Granted Sen too needs a dire lesson in acting, but at least she would answer smartly enough to make the country (and industry) look accomplished.
So who is she? I don’t think we’ll ever know. In fact, I often wonder if Ash herself knows who she is. And so…will the real Aishwarya Rai (Bachchan) please stand up?

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Loved this post.. agree with

Loved this post.. agree with everything.. especially her fake laughter..

I totally agree with this

I totally agree with this article, in fatc there are few actresses( so called ) who have without talent planned their carrer's so well. Her marriage to Abhishek( who incidentally is a much more REAL guy is the final icing on the cake. If only she could act as well on screen as she did in real life , she would win the Oscars. Though she has grace, poise & charm, in one word Aishwariya is plastic..right from her organised clapping of hands, to her oh so funny accent, or her permanently arched eyebrows..granted it not our space to talk about her even though she is a celebrity but one can't but wish this intelligent woman would sometimes just let go..wt the heck! look ugly if required but just be herself!..Good write up.

A celebrity's 'real' life is a facade in the public eye!

I am neither a big fan or huge follower of Aishwarya Rai, but there is no disputing that she is the most beautiful Indian actress that we have today. She could give a run for the money to many of our previous and future heroines as well.

Roshni, you have criticized her for not putting forth her true self, not acting, and just using her beauty and playing the cards right to get what she wants. As long as the commentary was purely about her acting and her looks, its fine. But where does her personal life and dating decisions (and supposed power-play) make her less of a heroine or looker? Where does her personal life fit into this article?

Her international 'ambassador' standard that you mention is something she has earned because she speaks well for herself. You may have your biases, but she floored the Tamil audience with her speech during the Endhiran Audio Release event (Watch from the 3:35 mark!). I don't watch Aishwarya in interviews or talk shows often, but this speech was by far, the best I have seen her on stage in the recent past.

Celebrities are filled with mystery and what you see on screen, in front of any media camera is largely a shadow of what they are inside closed doors. So, it doesn't matter if Aishwarya acted, looked great, played all the cards right and made you proud to call her an 'ambassador of Bollywood.' Because what you perceive as 'real,' Roshni, can be just a facade for the camera (not just in Aishwarya's case, but with just about any celebrity!)

Agreed but lets not be cynical about it.

I completely agree to whatever has been written in the above article but lets not be judgmental about her personal life,may be she is lonely and already suffering a lot on emotional front.Her career for no doubt is fueled by her beauty and Indians love it
even though her face remains emotionless in most of her intense scenes.Somebody rightly quoted "Beauty is skin deep". You need to be a good person from inside and maybe that is the reason why,actresses like Kajol and Konkona sen have more hit movies in their kitty than Mrs Bacchan. My personal view is that loyalty to one person is also important for a public figure.One should have the courage to stick to true love instead of using every bodies emotions for selfish reasons.

Good one.. Aishwarya is more

Good one.. Aishwarya is more like a plastic doll . Sushmita is much real, rather genuine, being a mother to 2 beautiful daughters now. She said at the Miss Universe Pagent "If I have the time and money for adventure, I would love to be wit...h children". She prooves herself to be a compleate career woman and also a Mother.
Beauty Queens need to respect the value of Beauty with Purpose. That goes beyond the silver screen.


I think your personal opinion

I think your personal opinion on Ash is very negative and onesided.She is an accomplished actor and had done some brialliant movies like Devdas,Hum dil de chuke sanam,Guru,provoked etc.
She is hardworking and beautiful too.
On personal level everyone has their share of relationships.
Didnt salman have so many affairs??
I think she is perfect and that is a blessing from the divine.So stop being jealous:)

If u can't appreciate atleast don't disgrace !!

There is so much negativity and sarcasm in your article, someone who so much disrespects another human being first needs a thorough look at the mirror.
She is the most beautiful women with a beautiful mind.And regarding her affairs,its just that the media portrayed her in the negative light and people like you believe what is told or shown to you.Just go beyond that wall of lies and deceptions and think!!! Also read some books on Appreciation and Respect for others!!!

Just how shallow is Writer of this article !

I am not an Aish fan. But as i am reading this post, i can help but wonder how shallow, superficial is Roshni M!
She starts the writeup with who is she and tells herself that aish is a beautiful woman, Dancer, Brand Ambassador, ex Miss World and a very talented professional. Hmm i am doubting your skills as a writer more than Aish's as an actress! Aish may not be teh finest actress there is but she is good ... and she will be remembered for LOT of her works long after she is gone!.. A LOT

I can not think of a better person to represent India and Bollywood on international grounds. Period!

Salmaan Khan and Vivek Oberoi... hmm anyone else ever wonders why neither of them have a successful personal or professional life. Enough said.
The stories of salmaan abusing her are not made up. Stars like Shahruk are witnesses and even Aish suffered on professional level cause of the personal drama ... People still bashing her cause she survived it ... gracefully ... like she does other things .. very gracefully. Isn't she to be given credit for it !???
And Vivek is plain stupid... he thought oh she is just out of bad relationship and let me grab this opportunity cause i m not getting a girl like this ever in my life. And he admitted that aish asked her not to call for that press conference which screwed up his career. So he is solely responsible... no one else.

Who Are YOU?

I think you need to ask yourself this question. Aishwarya Rai doesn't get into all the cat-fighting and tabloid masala, she chooses to remain elegant and poised, so she answers diplomatically in interviews - well she has been in showbusiness for over 17 years, what do you expect? She's calculated because that's the right thing to do. Otherwise she would end up like a Mamta Kulkarni. She's been in a relationship with 3 actors in Bollywood and married one of them - what's the crime in that? If you don't like her nervous laugh - then that is your personal opinion - but how do you know she is fake. I don't think you have ever met her. Go check your self...

And you talk about her lack of talent? Have you seend Devdas? Guzaarish? Chokkher Bali? Kandukondein? Go watch these - then come back and write something POSITIVE.

Okay, I think that people have completely missed the point of this review - IT IS A PERSONAL POINT OF VIEW, BACKED UP WITH EVIDENCE. You don't have to agree with it. You just have to understand that while you are entitled to support Aishwarya and think she's the greatest thing to happen to the Bollywood industry since Amitabh Bachchan, Roshni M is entitled to disagree with you and say that Aishwarya is merely a careful player of the field and has done everything to advance her career. After so much positive press about the new Mrs Bachchan, one or two bad reviews are hardly going to destroy her acting future. This kinds of reviews are there for people like me who prefer actresses who are...oh, I don't know, TALENTED? Now, I agree, Aishwarya Rai is a beautiful woman. I agree that she's a talented dancer. But a great actress? Come on, while Devdas was a great movie, anyone can over-act like that, it's the reason so many soap operas exist. I think Aishwarya's greatest talent is playing the field and press to such a degree that she elevated herself to Mrs Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in just under 20 years after becoming Ms World. Is that a crime? No, most certainly not. Is it wrong to agree that she's gorgeous and an amazing dancer? Never. She is definitely all those things. But a talented actress? I'd have to disagree with you all there. Also, she says the SAME THINGS in every interview...I watched a lot of her interviews when I was younger to see if she would say anything different, and I have to admit, I learned something new - how to say the same thing in about ten different ways. Born politician, that one. But I digress - while Aishwarya Rai is definitely a beautiful, talented woman, I'm sorry to say that acting is not among them. Kajol or Rani are probably better choices for any role Aishwarya's ever played.

Opinions and Second guesses cannot qualify as a Critique.

1. You dont like or may be hate Ash.
2. You like Salman.
3. Salman never had a successful relationship. He was always blamed for abusing his girlfriends Eg: Somy Ali
4. Every person goes through relationships. Forget about Vivek.
5. Agree with that weird smile. Perhaps she was born with it!
6. May be you should imagine yourself in her shoes before judging her - coz life in Bollywood is not as easy writing an article from home. Ofcourse you need to be conscious of your moves (calculative) to survive in such a risky field.
7. No doubts about representing India abroad. She has proven it many times from claiming Miss World title to countering David Letterman in his own show.
8. How about writing some constructive article by looking at the half-filled (not half-empty) glass?

Baised, indeed!

anita.a's picture

Aishwarya Rai is a pretty lady and when we watch her on screen, we forget that she can't act! And this is true for all the beautiful bollywood heroines who can't act at all, except a few like Nutan, Madhubala and Madhuri, in that order!

All said, Aishwarya is a better actress than all the other Miss India winners put together, or the few Miss worlds' that we have in Bollywood, namely Priyanka Chopra, Gul panag, Lara Dutta and the like.... IMO!


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