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Alice in Wanderland

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B'Khush is excited to introduce its first official travel column "Alice in Wanderland" by Anshoo Kapoor. 


Anshoo has been with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) since 2008. Having earned a master’s degree in Sociology from Mumbai University, Anshoo went on to receive her second master’s degree in Human Resources from Leeds University Business School.In her capacity as HR Manager with TCS, Anshoo has developed learning initiatives focusing on running culture and communication workshops both internally and for TCS' clients. In October 2011 she was appointed Head - Talent Management for TCS UK & Ireland.In her current role, Anshoo is responsible for engaging, retaining and developing. Her areas of expertise include integrating teams in culturally diverse set-ups, managing career aspirations and designing interventions for organisational development. Anshoo has actively contributed to the Future of Work consortium with London Business School. Her focus as Head - Talent Management extends beyond the work force to the community. She has driven various education programmes from inception to implementation and this remains an initiative close to her heart.



About her column : Alice in Wanderland

As I write my first travel column today there are a million thoughts running in my head. I recall my first travel in the 1990’s right up to my travel last week. Each trip unique, each experience different, the people I met and the things I did…

The food, the terrain, the walks in the narrow lanes, quaint towns and the zillion photographs taken. From nature treks to city breaks, from one day trips to planning long weekends; the clouds, the mountains, the hills, the stream, the beaches, the cobbled paths.

I travelled with my family, friends on college trips, travelling alone and then with my partner.

When I travel I let go of everything, I lose my self and immerse myself in the new unknown place and in this process I find myself!

So, why travel?

My top reasons for travelling:

  • Travel is a teacher: I personally love learning about different cultures, customs and norms (etiquette included!)  It is fascinating and intriguing to see how differently people behave and why they behave the way they do. Travel gives you a perspective on life and an excuse to learn a new language. Travel made me experience diversity and taught me to be more inclusive of other cultures!


  • Travel makes you love the unknown: Each time before I travel the thought of ‘how am I going to get around this city?’ gives me quite a kick. This awesome feeling of whom will I meet, what to expect or how do I spend the day… Travelling to an unknown place makes you brave and creative especially if you are going to draw the place you need to reach (happened with me in non-English speaking countries!) Travel opens your mind.


  • Travel makes you explore different cuisines: I am such a foodie and I get super excited to try out different cuisines. I always try the local dish and food – from drinking tea with butter in Bhutan or tasting snails in Crete. It is amazing to see how one common vegetable say aubergine is cooked in a variety of ways across the globe… yummy!


  • Travel makes you disconnect to connect: Travel helps me relax, helps me rejuvenate and helps me reflect on my life - my goals and what I want to do next. In today’s crazy times of staying connected 24x7 via your smart phones and devices, it is necessary to take periodic breaks or should I say get that ‘Digital Detox’ – Let go of your devices!


  • Travel and personal growth: Travel gives me inner peace, heals me and makes me be myself. Every time I travel, I learn to adapt, I learn to be independent, I learn to make new friends with strangers, I learn to live with what I have, I learn to listen to my intuition, I learn whom to trust (or sometimes whom not to!) Travel has made me the person I am and helped me grow as a person. Most importantly, it has helped me appreciate all that I have. Immense gratitude!


Life is short and the world is a large place, I want to experience everything I can. With this brief introduction, be part of my journey each month as I explore new countries and different cities in the world. Explore the places and get tips on what you could do… 

To sum up “Not all those who wander are lost” – J R R Tolkein.

See you next month where I will share my Turkish Experiences. Signing off from wanderland - Alice a.k.a Anshoo!

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Hey Ansh
Nice going. Your thought on travelling are so similar to mine. I love to lose myself to the place I travel. Be it luxury travelling or simple backpacking travelling widens your horizons and makes you relish the wonders of the world

Keep it up girl

Will look for your Turkish

Will look for your Turkish experience. I am so glad that there will be a travel column on bkhush :-)

Wanderland indeed

Travelling at its best or even at its worst can be a cathartic keep the wanderlust going. Looking forward to some exciting blogs from your end....

O YES... one on Wanderlust

Pritha's picture

.. the best kinda of lust ever...

Will look forward to wonderful vistas ahead on the "roads less traveled .. and the difference it has made" ;)



Pritha Lal

Welcome Anshu. Looking

Welcome Anshu. Looking forward to travel diary.

Looking forward!

Ruby Sahay's picture

Really looking forward to wandering through your Wanderland, Anshoo!


Great Start!!

Nice column Anshoo!!

Looking forward to know about your more new experiences.


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