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"Amazing Women" - Anubha Sharma, The Angel in Disguise

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 There are certain things that happen in people’s lives that can be termed in no other words apart from ‘destiny’. When as a financial services professional, Anubha Sharma took a sabbatical from her profession of twenty years little did she realize that she was ready to plunge into something else, something so dramatic and all enveloping that it would change her life forever! Meet Anubha Sharma, founder of Angel Xpress a Mumbai based institution that helps less privileged children on the street gain education, guidance and in more ways than one a happier life.

Anubha talks of the founding of Angle Xpress with almost some disbelief and happiness of contentment that she has been able to achieve something.
The journey began for Anubha when she was inspired by a friend who happened to take 35 underprivileged girls to Mc Donalds for a treat. Anubha who had always wanted to do something herself, walked up to some street children on Carter road. There were some people whom she had noticed helping out the kids, on an impulse she offered her services too. A chance status update on Facebook sometime later during the winter months asking friends to ‘donate old clothes if possible’ drew a huge response from even totally unknown people.
Anubha’s small gesture, paved the way for a much bigger concept in Angel Xpress, which saw people pouring in from all quarters of life and giving as much as they could with whatever they had. She says that the experience made her understand just how much people want to help and given a chance how they love sharing their abundance.
When I ask her about the aim of Angel Xpress, Anubha says, “Angel Xpress is built around a vision to provide keen donors and volunteers with an authentic platform to directly extend their philanthropic support to the society; thereby bridging the gap between the donors and the deprived.”
Over a period of time plenty of people came forward to help, in whichever way that was possible for them. Some people just dropped in to celebrate the children’s birthdays. Angel Xpress has in the meantime successfully tied up with people who want to be involved with projects specifically aimed at all around development of underprivileged children. Their programs are geared at not only provided at giving children with education, but guidance as well as providing a generally happy life for them in whatever ways possible.
In this regard Anubha says, “We have been lucky, a lot of artists and performers have offered to conduct free classes. Euro Kids has offered their premises, weekend workshops for dance, art & craft are conducted by different professionals, who put in their free time here.”
The best part about Angel Xpress is that it is like a mass voluntary movement where anyone can come up with anything ranging from a dish cooked for the children to clothes, to toys for them. Everything is welcome.
Anubha plans to make this a movement that will not be confined only to Carter road but will spread to many other parts of the city. Her specialty lies in the fact that she has refrained from making this a one person show and has involved whoever wants to pitch in.
(Residents of Bandstand teaching the children)
Anubha is amazing not because she has done more than her bit perhaps for so many children on the streets, but because she has channelized her thoughts and given them a shape, without thinking of where it would end or where it would begin for that matter. The most amazing part about this ‘Amazing woman’ in fact is that she followed her heart and made the lives of so many others around her happy.
Contact Anubha Sharma :
Phone :  9930070086
Readers can also check out their Facebook page :

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Very inspired

Thanks Maitreyee for this wonderful and inspiring write up. I can't wait to connect with Anubha and perhaps help in whichever way I can.
Love, Mona

Wonderful Mona! Anubha's

Maitrayee B's picture

Wonderful Mona! Anubha's details are in the write up, please feel free to connect. Thanks

Maitreyee B Chowdhury

M...thank you for another

M...thank you for another 'amazing woman'. It's heartening to see someone who follows their heart ....they inspire the rest of us who may be hesitant for various reasons:)

Thanks very much for

Maitrayee B's picture

Thanks very much for reading..hope we are able to cover many such women in the future.

Maitreyee B Chowdhury

Nice article. I like this

Nice article. I like this series :) Kudos to Anubha!

Thanks so much :)

Maitrayee B's picture

Thanks so much :)

Maitreyee B Chowdhury

some facts about Angel Xpress

Maitrayee B thanks for a write-up that has come straight from your heart, this coverage has served a wonderful purpose by spreading the word about a cause that should be dear to every educated adult's heart which beats with concern for the future of the country and for children beyond their own with an hour or two to spare in a week. Through this cause I am hoping to harness the tremendous amount of latent capacity available in every middle class home of people who have the ability to nurture and guide children.

Children are a society’s collective responsibility, they cannot be held responsible for the inadequacies, irresponsibility or circumstances of their parents. Every child deserves to be safe and enjoy an equal opportunity to create a good future for himself or herself.

I wish I had responded to your questionnaire sooner, some facts about Angel Xpress that I would like to state. I have been partnered on this journey by Beenaa Advani who was running a Eurokids outlet for over 11 years, she has shut shop since she started on this journey with me and is now involved full time with Angel Xpress.

Kangaroo Kids Education Ltd has come forward to support us with their expertise and have been training our volunteers, they will also develop content for our teaching program and will involve their parents and students in our redistribution activities by placing collection boxes in their schools.

Our first learning center has come up in Bandra Bandstand an area characterized by a contrast of high-rises and slum areas adjacent to one another, just like the rest of Mumbai.

Thank you for the

Maitrayee B's picture

Thank you for the pointers..glad you liked it Anubha!

Maitreyee B Chowdhury

Great write up, Maitreyee, cheers B'Khush

Taking underprivileged children to swanky joints is indeed an eye opener. What is unhealthy (too much cheese) treat for many, is a time of their life for so many that we cannot even count but can only do a census. Few remain touched like this lady and try to ensure a better future. Mother Teresa had this beautiful saying " give till it hurts."Once again you've captured a great effort with that rare sensitivity which finds expression in all your writing, Maitreyee. And of course thumbs up B'khush.

Give till it hurts - indeed!

Maitrayee B's picture

Give till it hurts - indeed! B'khush & me thank people like you for the encouragement!

Maitreyee B Chowdhury

Yes, I do like it. Very much.

Yes, I do like it. Very much. Stories such as these should be spread far and wide. I would request readers of M's blogs to share this story on their pages, if people who want to be involved in something like this can get the info. Thanks M.

Thanks so much for

Maitrayee B's picture

Thanks so much for understanding the need to sharing stories like this..of course thanks for reading too!

Maitreyee B Chowdhury

I have had the honour of

I have had the honour of knowing this Amazing woman way before she spread her light and awesomeness. Kudos to you Anubha. And thank you Maitreyee Bhattacharjee Chowdhury for spreading word about Angel Xpress Foundation, this is your bit of philanthropy too. May her good work and efforts multiply. FYI, a little birdie told me that the foundation is well on its way to start their second school at Santacruz, Bombay. Hope your readers inspre more volunteers to join for the cause.

Thank you for your kind

Maitrayee B's picture

Thank you for your kind words.

Maitreyee B Chowdhury

This indeed is very inspiring

This indeed is very inspiring Maitreyee,kudos to such people for helping out the needy kids selflessly

Thank you so much for

Maitrayee B's picture

Thank you so much for reading..if the article inspires even a single person it is a job well done.

Maitreyee B Chowdhury

Very inspiring article

I have seen Anubha's venture grow from a small event to a full grown movement, as she posted event after event on facebook..She has stuck on to her objective with amazing resolve and that is what is needed. Best of luck !!!...Kasturi

Hi kasturi, glad it touched a

Maitrayee B's picture

Hi kasturi, glad it touched a chord! Thanks for reading

Maitreyee B Chowdhury


Thanks B'khush and Maitreyee for introducing yet another inspiring indivudual. We need more like her for sure.

Thank you Ayon, for the

Maitrayee B's picture

Thank you Ayon, for the encouragement and for reading.

Maitreyee B Chowdhury

Brilliant! Inspiring, yes,

Ruby Sahay's picture

Brilliant! Inspiring, yes, very inspiring, AND a real life story of someone who finds great joy and satisfaction in looking beyond the self. Very well presented, Maitreyee :)

Kudos to such ladies...:)

Anumita Chatterjee Roy Moon's picture

Everyone can change a life...and when it is done without the expectation of a return, it is praise worthy..great job..:)

Anumita Chatterjee Roy (Moon)

Angel Express.

Maitreyee, Anubha & Angel Express have expanded to 5 centers between Bandra & Andheri, which includes East & West, as of June 10th 2015. They plan to expand further with a little help from many citizens. Still Kudos to Anubha & Beena Advani for such an Enterprising NGO.


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