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Be Blunt Make-Over

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Star wife Adhuna Akhtar wife of actor Farhan Akhtar is a famous celebrity hair stylist who helped give in new hair-do’s and more of a make-over  to actors like Shah Rukh Khan, Abhay Deol, Preity Zinta, Suzzane Roshan, Arjun Rampal etc. 


 The 44 year old always kept out of limelight and when all of a sudden she decided to make her TV debut, it was nothing less than a surprising piece of news. Adhuna made her TV debut with her own show Be Blunt on the TLC channel on 16th July.


Be Blunt is a six-episode series that features Adhuna and her associates who help give a complete make-over to different people who are all set to start on a new journey in their lives.For example a student joining his first job ever gets a complete make-over depending on his personality, looks and what suits him.


Since a hair style can help to only an extent with the make-over process, clothes and make-up are included too that helps give a new self all over. The show is just not about hairstyles and make-over but it also gives viewers an insight into the lives of hairstylists.


The show is received really well and many of the youngsters are now finding themselves glued on to it. Says Deepali Dhingra an investment banker, “I make sure I watch the show because it’s something different and so everything that young girls would love to watch.Everyone wants to look  and feel good and this shows helps you sharpen your fashion and style sense. I hope they extend it from six-episode series to much longer one”.


Adhuna being so talented and hardworking loves to lead a more private life and she took up this show because it was all about her first love- hair styling. Be Blunt as the show is called is incidentally the name of the chain of her hair salons that goes by the name B Blunt with many branches in Mumbai alone.



A Special Promo of  Be Blunt!

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