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Bollywood Actresses Bare All!

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Our actresses today are not the sharmilee quiet kinds. Heck no! They have evolved into women who are bold, beautiful and pretty much out there. More than ever, Bollywood actresses are in the eye of many storms while they pose and pout on the magazine covers of many popular publications. But this is all not without any fire. While they show no qualms in baring their bodies and souls, they also find themselves in the heat of the media after they pose topless or make claims that are far too modern for the Indian mind.

Case # 1: Mandira Bedi
Remember when she was that cute Punjabi kudi in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge? Yeah, forget that girl ever existed. Now the actress is not only the sexiest Cricket commentator in the country whose sari blouses and styles make the news during Cricket season. And not only that, she is one lady who bares her soul in every interview. Known for being bold and how, the actress posed topless for Vogue India only to be blasted as she is considered a household name and thus, such an act is simply seen as unacceptable. Currently, the media is creating quite the stir with her new picture claiming that this will cost her many endorsements and advertisements. Her reason for posing in half-nude? Well, the actress hasn’t said but with the amount of weight she’s lost, its probably to show off her new hot bod.

Case # 2: Bipasha Basu
And the same goes for Bipasha Basu who posed topless for Maxim India baring her back only and displaying her sexy back. While we’re used to Bips turning heads with her sultry attitude and body, she is certainly creating waves with her current avatar. Now the reason for this already sexy gal to make such a “drastic” move? To boost her career, duh! What with close to no hits to her name in recent times, the actress is in dire need of a hit if she is still to remain in the industry and stay popular. Will her sexy avatar help reinvent her image? Her future films will tell us!

Case # 3: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
Don’t be alarmed. No, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan hasn’t gone topless on us. Not just yet at least. The actress found herself in the eye of a rather fair storm when her picture in an ELLE India magazine was photo-shopped to make her look a lot fairer than she looked. Donning a designer gown, the actress looked fairer than usual and quickly, a huge chunk of its readers came forward to call out the magazine for portraying actresses in this manner. Strangely, Skin Lightening products are one of the most popular selling items in the country and thus, such an act, Indian women believe, will only further promote a clear division in the color of skin in India.

So whether it’s their bold style statements (or lack of it) the actresses find themselves looking to make a difference in their careers

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lol !! good info !

lol !! good info !

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