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Of Buttcracks and Cleavages

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I travel by bus everyday to work.It gives me an opportunity to observe people without being too obvious. The latest fad in fashion is the "low waist jeans". I always think whether its more of a fashion disaster.

Everybody is wearing it from fat to skinny..tall to short...

The low waist jeans has shown me some unsightly views and unchartered territories. Not to sound too retro and conservative,was it not enough that showing the cleavage was considered fine that we are now happily showing our other cleavage as well.

Just yesterday I saw a young mother with her 2 friends get in the bus. She was not skinny but quite well endowed and wearing a LWJ (Low waist jeans ) plus no belt to hold it up. It was quite an ordeal for everybody to see her sitting down .

Its fine if fashion models wear it cause they make it look good .Also people who can carry it without showing their backside to the entire world.

On an average I get to see at least 5-10 butt cracks everyday and I think my cup runneth over . Sometimes I feel like screaming loudly "get a grip people either wear a belt , a longer t -shirt or take your butt crack somewhere else".

And on my trip to Manchester last weekend it was more of a cleavage galore...
Showing a bit of your cleavage looks classy.
When did showing too much come back in vogue....maybe fine for a night at the disco but not on the streets that too in daytime.
When they say "if you have it ,flaunt it..." how much of it should you take literally???
Does it mean ,show it all and bare it all???

I am no moral police...but when my auditory elements are jarred by loud clothes , butt cracks and too much of cleavage, it becomes my right to speak up for the cause of fashion.

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Very observant Vinnie !

U and ur observant eye ! Good one Vinita !


Thanks Ayon :)


OMG I totally hate the low

OMG I totally hate the low waist jeans. It's really a sight to see when those over weight females moves around wearing low waist jeans!

A very good one Vinita!

Low waist jeans are absolute

Low waist jeans are absolute fashion disaster. There is absolutely no doybt about it. I agree the fashionistas around the globe would agree.

Nice post Aquarious

A Witty One!

LOL! I exactly know how it feels to see those "unsightly views"

A lovely post!

The worst offenders are those

The worst offenders are those who wear the wrong undergarment with a LWJ ...I mean the "other cleavage" is bad but even more tacky is a peeking piece of lace....ewwwww

Yuck is the word for the low

Yuck is the word for the low waist jeans! and yuckie are those who wears them to flaunt those ugly buttcracks.
Hehe a great post Aquarious!

hmm the low waist jeans!!

hmm the low waist jeans!! only for the size zeros.

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