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Cold Sores- Home Remedies And Natural Solutions

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Davion Wong
Some commonly known cold sores home remedies are considered effective. A lot of people who are prone to having cold sores usually benefit from these natural and cost-effective solutions. Cold sores should not be taken for granted. They need effective treatment and management to avoid worsening of the condition.

Ice is considered one of the cold sores home remedies. One who is suffering from cold sores should benefit from the healing properties of ice. Application of ice directly on the area of the cold sores can soothe the skin. Perform this procedure for several minutes every hour.
Cold sores home remedies can also be found in tea bags. In fact, tea bags are considered one of the popular choices to treat cold sores. A tea bag is placed over the blisters for a few minutes. This provides soothing relief and effective treatment. Repeat this after one hour. Doing this once every hour is recommended for faster healing. Holding the warm tea bag against the cold sores for 30 minutes is a variation of this treatment.
Plain powdered salt can also be used to treat cold sores. Using a damp forefinger, apply salt directly over the blisters. Make sure to cover the whole affected area. Gently rub and spread the salt over the blistered area. With the same finger, press on the cold sores and hold for 30 seconds. Application of Aloe gel or gentle skin lubricants after rubbing the salt is strongly recommended to achieve optimum treatment.
Lemon juice is also considered one of the cold sores home remedies. Lemon juice is known to speed up the healing of many skin conditions, not just cold sores. Its healing properties are very effective in alleviating the symptoms related to cold sores. Apply lemon juice extract directly to the blisters to achieve its powerful healing action.
Proper diet is also one of the cold sores home remedies. This includes regular intake of foods which are known to have high quantities of antioxidants. Fruits and leafy vegetables are excellent choices. It also helps to eliminate processed and salty foods from the diet as well as food types known to have acidic contents. Caffeine intake should also be minimized. Other foods to be avoided include peanuts, oatmeal, chocolates and other foods that have high arginine content. Instead, complex carbohydrates intake should be increased to treat cold sores. Garlic can also be incorporated in the diet.
Proper hygiene is an important factor. Keeping your hands and skin free from bacteria and irritants can prevent contamination and further complications. Cold sores home remedies become more effective when combined with proper hygiene. Make sure that you are using clean towels and clothes.
Natural methods that can cure common conditions such as cold sores are not only practical, they are also cost-effective. Get to know more practical tips on how to effectively treat cold sores the natural way by visiting my blog today.
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