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Cruising your Way to Health - "Overcoming Barriers"

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What does “women empowerment” even mean?

Is it Feminism? (the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men)

Or is it simply being an empowered human no matter what the gender? 

I love the concept of an empowered human being no matter who you are.

Women have been suppressed in many different parts of the world and in many societies. But this suppression is a result of how these women have been brought up since childhood. How have they been treated and empowered when they were young in their own homes. How you grow up plays a big role on how you live your adult life. 

But, how you choose to re-shape your life is even more critical to living, irrespective of how you have been brought up or what life has handed to you.

I grew up in a family that was traditional but very open and flexible minded at the same time. The result? I was brought up in a very protected environment where education and reading were very important. Morality and ethics played a big role. Indulging in fashion did not even come to the mind. Eating a wide variety of food from many different regions and cultures was something we enjoyed. Watching movies together as a family was something we looked forward to. Daily family discussions where we could speak our mind on any topic continued to open our minds and kept us close to our family. I was open to both my parents. Family values were very high and completely honored. But more than anything else I was LOVED at all times. Yes I had a very happy and fulfilled childhood with great values.

I never had to worry about women rights or equality. It was a given.

Then I got married and I was very happy for a few years. In time my 2 children came as gifts. Over the next few years I became aware of my growing unhappiness with many different aspects of life. I was working. I was taking care of our home and family. I was doing it all without much help or support – mental or physical. In-Law control problems had reared its ugly head and I was alone. I felt trapped and like a robot with no soul. All the laughter had been depleted over the years. My parents could not believe what had happened to their joyful and chirpy child. 

Many years went by in this state of unhappiness for hadn’t I learned that these things need to be resolved within the family? When both parties do not agree to counseling, there is not much one can do except accept it. I went in for counseling for myself with no resolution. He was against it. He had given up. 

Things continued like this for many years. My family could not see my suffering. They suggested parting of ways. I was shocked! I did not agree!! 


1. Wasn’t it ingrained in my head since childhood that marriage was one way entry – once in that was it? So why was my family advising me that I needed to find my happiness back in whatever way it needed to happen?

2. Once I accepted that things were not going to change, I became aware of my fear! 

- How would my kids survive?

- How would I live? (Even though I was an earning member!)

- How would I do ANYTHING?!

And the biggest question that plagued me, if we did part ways, was “And then WHAT?”I would draw a blank every time I asked the question.

Mental struggle, misery, crying, victim mentality…yes all of that followed, even though I continued to take care of all my responsibilities as before like a robot.

And then the day came when it was decided that we were getting a divorce, not because I wanted but because he did not see any other resolution. My heart broke. I was shattered. I was traumatized. I loved him in spite of the prison I was in.

I was put on medication for depression. I vowed to get out of it in 6 months to a year. Just 6 months after the decision for our divorce, it came through on  December 10, 2006. I was numb. I thought my life was over.

January 1 2007: As I sat contemplating on my chair all by myself, I saw a big light bulb in front of my eyes. Then I felt the warmth and weight of a hand on my head. This was followed by a voice, “Where are you going Umang? Are you going up or are you going down?” 

It was as though 2 boulders had collided with a big bang and I woke up! 

I realized I had been sleeping all my life until that point! A shift had happened and I was finally awake – with a new determination, with a new light and with a new meaning.  I flushed the medication down the toilet! 

Magic started unfolding as my awareness grew. One miracle after another happily kept surprising me.

I had situated myself and my children in new surroundings. Work continued as before except now I felt FREE of heaviness that used to surround me.

I found my mentor, my coach, my guide on February 9, 2007.  I still consider him the angel that was sent by God to give me a new lease on life. He gave a fresh perspective on what I had assumed failure on my part. He taught me about faith. He taught me the real meaning of happiness. He enabled me to a new way of life. 

I realized how very critical it is to find a mentor. Family members are awesome but they cannot provide what comes from an empowered Coach who is not emotionally related to you.I am a result of his mentoring.I was an employee before – an IT professional at AT&T.

I am an entrepreneur now. Yes my mentor empowered me to the extent that I founded Wellness Haven and built it from scratch. I am making a tremendous impact on people’s lives through yoga, breathing, mediation, nutrition programs and mentoring as well as business coaching – all as a result of having an open mind and being guided by the right expert.

There is never a day that I do not express my gratitude to the life I had, no matter how chaotic it had been, the lessons I learned as a result and to the beautiful life I have now. I can’t imagine not being who I am today – someone who gathers blessings on a daily basis, someone who makes others smile on a daily basis, someone who offers the same magical guidance to others as was given to me.

Each one of us has the strength and the ability to rise and shine. Where you have been can only matter as much as you let it matter. Extracting goodness and life lessons from the past can only work beautiful magic in the present and secure happiness in days to come.

I had published my book, “A Journey of Self Revelation” under my pen name “Joy” in October of 2008, that to this day I consider my gateway to freedom. It is about how magic keeps unfolding if you let it. 

Until next time,

Stay Empowered. Stay Healthy. Stay Happy.




About the Author : Umang Goel was born in Patna, India and has been exposed to Yogic Philosophy her whole life. She has studied under several Yogis in India. Because of these traditional and authentic Yoga teachings, for Umang Yoga is more than just a daily practice; it is a way that can be applied to every aspect of living. She has helped countless individuals who have yearned for something more in their lives since 2009.She has aided those with a desire to become healthier and more physically, emotionally and spiritually fit – to those who have been suffering with physical disabilities, weight problems, anxiety and stress related issues, and a myriad of other ailments.  She founded Wellness Haven Yoga School  in San Ramon,CA as a home base for all those who want to learn “Authentic Yoga”, realize self-growth and self-actualization through her teachings. Her Certifications speak for themselves as Umang Goel is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) with Yoga Alliance, which acknowledges the completion of a yoga teacher training with an approved and active Registered Yoga School (RYS).  She has accumulated over 5,500 teaching hours in Yoga, Breathing & Meditation. She skillfully incorporates both a Yin style of holding poses as well as Vinyasa style of breath-movement synchronicity. She blends the essential aspects of traditional yoga traditions in “one hour” yoga, breathing, and meditation sessions.
How to contact Umang :
                                           Webpage :
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