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This Curse is sure fire SHAAP-HIT

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Do you know the Raaz (Secret) of 1920? Well, it was the Shaapit (Curse) that Vikram Bhatt shows us on celluloid with actually making a viewer scary! RGV.... Beware! Bhatt is here to Scare as you are getting Nowhere these days with your Scary films thats so Kiddish (Darling, Agyaat, Boo....)!

Aditya sat on a Hero Honda and sang Sa Re Ga Ma Pa... on Zee TV and here he takes his Girlfriend playing the Hero of this film and goes Zoom in his car with vroom! - An accident that occurs and it gets to a Pit.... So, there lies a Shaapit! A Ghost who plays the Host in the film keeps occurring at regular intervals - much before the film reaches the Interval point and Curses the heroine, as she was cursed years ago (not in 1920). Pichle Janam Ka Raaz! All this Break Ke Baad - Interval gets back to Brahmins age (Teen Sau Saal Pehle Kisiko Kisise Pyar Tha... lekin Shaapit Hua, aur Aaj Bi Shaapit hai)

Preth Aatma, Pichla Janam, Raaz, Darr, Andhera, Mombathi, Bhagam Bhaag, Sannatta, Tantrik aur Finally, Bhagwan (OM Namah Shivay) - thats the rescue for the Bhoot Vinash!

Well, I feel that Adi should dedicate this song to Udit - Papa Kehte Hain, Bada Naam Karega.... Beta Hamara Bhoot Film Main Kaam Karega... Magar yeh to koi na jaane, ke meri manzil hai kahan? Narayan! Narayan!!

Well, Adi - We would love to ZEE you on Reality Show too besides in films that could get your talent tapped properly! And Hey, You were good in this film. So, dont think I am Cursing you! But I am praising you as your debute was very Horrifying! (Lolz.. Jokes apart, very Terrifying!) Well, I could use only these phrases after all its a Horror Film! But, Adi you Rock!

Sundeep Malani
Film Critic

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haha..I agree with Sundeep,

haha..I agree with Sundeep, Adi should be happy doing the SA RE GA Ma shows.
A horrible movie


A good review Madhu

A good review


I loved the way, the author

I loved the way, the author has used humor writing the review. Aditya Narayan is such a good for nothing kid.

Not Watching the Movie

For Sure...


Couldn't get what the movie

Haresh's picture

Couldn't get what the movie is all about :|

Incomplete Review

The review looks incomplete. I agree with Haresh, for someone who have not watched the movie can't make out anything from this review.


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