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A Dialogue Between A Mother and A Daughter

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 The 8th of May is celebrated as ‘Mother’s day. This day is usually very important in every child’s life, perhaps because a mother has a very unique relation with their child. Amongst all the relations that a human being ever witnesses, this relation stands out, because through the ages it has been associated with a delicate bond of love, affection and sacrifices galore. Of course over the years, like all other relations, the role of a mother and what she shares with her child has also changed, if not drastically, to a large extent.



The celebration of a day in the name of a mother might attract criticism from different cynical quarters about the need for such a day. But a day in the name of a very important day in every child’s life is hardly wastage or a glamorized marketing gimmick. Taken in the right spirit, it is just that one special day that gives all children a reason to say once again, a thank you to that special woman, who made them who they are in so many ways.


This year, like many others as per the Bengali Calendar, it is 25th Baishaakh, which celebrates the famous poet & Nobel Laureate, Rabindranath Tagore’s birthday. Rabindranath lost his mother at a young age and his poems are often replete with memories, and images of what his little interactions with his mother had brought forth in him. His poems not only speak of what his mother could have been, but also bring forth the love and affection every child feels for the mother. As such there is no better and more befitting tribute to mother’s day than a poem from him.



I cannot remember my mother


I cannot remember my mother,


Only sometime in the midst of my play


A tune seems to hover over my playthings,


The tune of some song that she used to


Hum while rocking my cradle.



I cannot remember my mother


But when in the early autumn morning


The smell of the shiuli flowers floats in the air,


The scent of the morning service in the


Temple comes to me as the scent of my mother.


I cannot remember my mother


Only when from bedroom window


I send my eyes into the blue of the distant sky,


I feel that the stillness of my mother's gaze on my face


Has spread all over the sky.


~Rabindranath Tagore




A Special Dialogue Between a Mother and a Daughter : 


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It was nice listening to the

It was nice listening to the dialogue between the mother and the daughter.Both of you have sweet voice.Little Guriya speaks so well.Simply love her.However I feel it was more like an interview than a conversation.I would like to hear a more lively chit-chat between the two of you. Furthermore I object you asking about 'perfect mother', because I feel every mother is a perfect mother for her child.

Thanks so much Priyadarshini

Thanks so much Priyadarshini :)

love is all about understanding each other......

It was lovely listening to your and Guria's voice.Both of you have a sweet voice. Little Guria speaks so well. However I felt it was more of an interview than a conversation .I look forward to a more lively conversation between the two of you. Though I liked the interview I object ,you asking your child about 'perfect mother'.I believe each child loves her mother equally.And moreover no human being is perfect and no two people can be alike.

this was priyadarshini

this was priyadarshini


So Sweet :) And Gurudev's poetry is simple and soul-stirring!

Best gift of mother's day

When your child speaks her heart and gives you the appreciation you so deserve nothing matters...Happy Mother day to all those who have nurtured a soul..

Thanks you so much :)

Thanks you so much :)

From your child's view

Anumita Chatterjee Roy Moon's picture

When you baby says is all in her way...there is nothing the world can say...Happy Mother's day to you and to all who have ever nurtured a soul..:)

Anumita Chatterjee Roy (Moon)

Every other relationship has some bit of complexity built in!

Haven't heard the audio yet, will do so shortly, but read the blog. Its beautiful, that's ur trademark writing style. Especially, a piece culled from the great man's work. Every other relationship has some bit of complexity built in, based on vested interest. This is perhaps the only relation which is devoid of baser instincts and thus rises above all else. The simplicity of it all. The mother-child bonding. The poem is reflects that, and so apt. So is your writing Maitreyee. God bless mother nd child. The accompanying pic is also very touching. On a lighter vein, what r those sticks for - the carrot nd stick approach to disciplining lol. Then where's the carrot. Carrot, eh carrot anyone.



Proud of you and proud of her


Vow, Guria is great. Some interesting thoughts and perspective are in this conversation of 8 mins. I observed how Guria co-relates mom's scolding (external environment) to bad things (the Stimulus) and further integrates scolding to her future betterment ( career, job) and in being a complete successful individual. Upon asking why would you like a mom that will scold you ? - she becomes a proponent and reassures that she likes this trait in an ideal mother -- as it will be good for her (self development vision). We need more of Gurias in this dynamic world. Good lord tumi ki may key jonmo diacho ? Eay toe phata phati berobay... Give her a hug from me.


a sweet dialogue

We celebrate Mother's day on a different date in UK. It was nice to hear your child's perception about a perfect mother.God bless her!

Ok you are sending me the magic potion

Pritha's picture

.. u have been feeding Guria.. have started off by making Parijat listen to the whole thing.. she did while blinking her eyes very profoundly thru the dialog. Beautifully captured.. I am still in awe of the one line.. "your father is someone who married your mother.." children do say the most beautiful things in the most simple of ways.. loved this.. thanks for posting and lots of drooly kisses to Guria didi from little Putul too..

Pritha Lal


Thanks so much Pritha :) Yeah I loved that line too..couldn't hold back the giggles though!

Omaaaa ki mishtiii meye....

yes that is what my mother had to say seeing your little bundle of joy. Loved her clarity of thoughts and loved the hiking conversation. To say the least it's so reassuring and wonderful the bond you share and the thoughts you've helped to grow - bless you and have a wonderful motherhood - BFF's for life :)

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