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DIY Projects by Tina - "Patchouli Squares for Father’s Day"

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Patchouli Squares for Father’s Day
Things we need : 
  1. Rectangle Mold
  2. Slab of goat milk soap
  3. zigzag pattern cutter
  4. Chrome green Oxide for colorant
  5. Patchouli Essential oil
  6. Transparent melt and pour soap base-24oz
  7. weighing scale
  8. olive oil
  9. Laser Thermometer
  10. microwave
Cut the slab of goat milk soap in thin long pieces.
Place them in any pattern inside the mold.
Step 3
Weigh 24oz of Transparent Melt and pour. Melt it in the microwave for 30 sec first time at 50% power, then 20sec, gradually decrease to 15sec. Keep on doing it until the whole thing melts.
Step 4
Add 3tbsp of olive oil in the melt and pour. Mix Chrome Green oxide colorant. Then add Patchouli essential oil when the temperature of the soap cools down to 130 F. Wait few more minutes to 125F
Step 1-4 in pictures :
Meanwhile spray the soap inside the mold with 99% rubbing alcohol.
Now pour the transparent melt and pour in the mold. Spray with rubbing alcohol to get rid of the bubbles.
Step 7
Let it cool down. Take the bar out and cut it into pieces. Your soap is ready for your dad.
Steps 5-7 in pictures

About the Author :  I lived in so many cities due to my father's defense job that I can say I am from all over India. I finished my education in 1993 with Bachelors of Science. I came to USA in 1996 with my husband and lived in Fremont, CA for 15 yrs. I was a Preschool teacher by profession. When we moved to Brentwood I took the back seat for a while. I started making jewelry as hobby then it became my profession. After some time I founded my company Shurobhi's, which is a portal of ethnic wear and accessories. Now added handcrafted soaps and thirty-one company brand handbags recently.

About the Column : From my childhood I have always been a DIY, crafty and artsy kind of girl. I remember one time I cut my mom's laces for a silly handicraft project and got severely punished. I completely dismantled my dad's pen and got scolded for that. I still didn’t stop, the radio also suffered a surgery. They say curiosity kills a cat, and it happened to me most of the time. As I grew little older, I tried cooking variety of intercontinental dishes. After my 10th grade exams there was a long summer vacation I tried out almost all recipes from magazines. I failed in most of them but learned my lessons too. Whenever I had time I either did embroidery, or metal crafting, or painting. I also like to do gardening and interior designing. Through this column  I'll share with you all my love for DIY projects . 

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