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Does your Intention reflect your Doing?

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When plan A does not work we move onto Plan B and when that does not work then we either move onto the next or give up! At the end of all those plans exhaustion takes over. It is not only frustrating and annoying but it zaps us mentally and physically.

I sit down and carefully thinking of strategies or ways to improve on my game plane. Each step is carefully thought out and ready to be executed. I am doing everything I possibly can to complete my tasks. Here is the interesting thing... the more I did the less accomplished I felt.

It took quite a few failed attempts to realize that this method of DOING was not working for me. Somehow, somewhere the universe was telling me that my DOING was not enough!

I stepped back and allowed things to settle and in that process the most important piece to my puzzle was starring me in the face. In the process of achieving my goal or task I lost the INTENTION or purpose of the task. My INTENTION was derailed by actions of just doing.

When there is a balance between DOING and INTENTION then the right energy will emerge. Things begin to fall into place and the process becomes healthier and productive.

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