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Enrique and Sunidhi Share the Same Screen For A Music Video

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Hatheelamann baavara, zara sa hai daraa daraa…

Fusion is quite a cliched concept these days. We get to see a lot of fusion happening in different fields of creative art. But this one takes the cake here.

 Sunidhi Chauhan Collaborates with Enrique Iglesias - The Indi Version of Heartbeat from Enrique's Euphoria Special India Edition album.


 The song starts with a rustic folk feeling erupting from the sands of Rajasthan showing the glimpse of sensuous Sunidhi Chauhan seducing the screen with those beautiful curves making just the right moves and those beautiful eyes looking straight into the camera.


The music has been composed by Mark Taylor and Shamir Tandon for the fusion version and I must say that they could do a better job with these two heart throbs in their lap.The fusion version does not grow on you instead remains stagnant till the end. Lyrics however are nicely woven and rhymed properly making good sense.


I was told by someone that “Sunidhi ruined the song”. Aah, come on give me a break, on the contrary she seems to be the savior to me. I personally feel that  there is noone else who could have pulled this version off so beautifully with her voice and  her stunning Indian looks a deadly combo.

Enrique however seems to be pretty caught on by the Bollywood fashion and style. He comes up shirt less in this video and probably did not realize that Sallu bhai(salman khan) owns the copyright to that one. As always, those wonderful moves by Enrique and his intrigued eyes are well played in. It is a sad thing that with such wonderful performers on your side the makers of the video could not add that spice to it.

Technically,of course yes the expectations were high, way higher than what has been provided in the video. For some vague reason there is this light which keeps flashing on Enrique and Sunidhi in most areas of the video. Now, is that a reminder for the audience as to where the heart is placed in human body? I wonder why would the director do that and spoil the look of two gorgeous models in this video.


Cinematography is relatively better than the other technical areas of the song, however there are these blue and red light worms keep crawling up and down the models which keeps adding the shiver to your spine.


Editing and  post production overall  is a very crucial part in the onscreen story-telling and in the case of this wonderfully conceptualised (could be a master piece) video, this area also lacks heavily as it seems like a video made in early 90s with  a low budget provided for the post production. But it’s not the editor's fault because most often an editor is used as an operator and his creative capabilities are completely ignored by the directors, which I assume is the case here too.Production quality is very poor with just few locations and mug shots clubbed together like a collage.

Universal Music India is a deserving candidate for applause and appreciations for taking this initiative by bringing such a wonderful concept and I hope this continues as a trend and offers better products in the future.


Do take a look at thevideo!!!!


My rating:      3/10


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Haresh's picture

The song is nice. Video could have been much much better.

Enrique is my boy........he

Enrique is my boy........he always bring the best vedio

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