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Flirtatious And Romantic Maxi Dresses

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2011 gets to see the return of maxi dresses globally which is something that we saw in 2008. The 70s inspired look is motivating industry’s celebrated designers to come–up with the most comfortable yet flirtatious maxi dress.


The Spring/Summer 2011 gets to see maxi dresses on the biggie fashion ramps. Talk about fashion weeks in India, Milan or London; industry's biggest designers have conceived the maxi dress fashion for the ongoing season.

Not too recent, Delhi's biggie fashion week got to see celebrated designers showcasing best of maxi-suits, maxi-dresses and maxi-skirts; designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee featured voluminous bubble like colour blocked maxi skirts and dresses seemed inspired by his signature style. The collection projected a boho chic look with patterns like florals and stripes at the grand finale show.


Neeru Kumar has been in fashion industry since last 30 years but till Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011, she has never showcased her designs at a fashion week. Through her debut show she paid tribute to Indian fabrics and eco-friendly materials transformed into maxi–dresses and maxi-skirts.

Designer duo Paras & Shalini recently displayed the most impressed and unforgettable collection for a show. The bold and beautiful pink maxi dresses seemed to be decorated with shirred macramé lacing and shaded embroidery work. Masaba Gupta's collection too includes lot of maxi dresses. She was recently spotted in simple black maxi dress. Gayatri Khanna's long maxi dresses with embroidered yolk, origami pleated style and fish tale is something unique and trendy.

Shalini Jaikaria of Paras & Shalini shares, "This year we get to see lot of maxi dress for the summers as well as winters. Its something that is very comfortable and easy to carry in day as well as at night. I feel today's city life is so hectic that its always better to keep ourselves in a versatile stuff that is comfy and flirty. Maxi dresses look very sexy, flirtatious and romantic. Their unique feature makes them different from other dresses, inspite of being long in length it doesn’t come to our feet. The maxi dress finishes above the ankle in a way to show the part of your leg along with calf muscle and footwear."

She adds, "My maxi dresses are handcrafted with crushed and knotty techniques. I have used lot of flowy fabrics like chiffon and silk to keep it flirty. In summers they are best suited with heels and sandals whereas for winter they are best suited with boots. Importantly, their feminine essence moves best with today's confident woman."

Designer Gayatri Khanna feels, "Maxi dresses are moving pretty well this season. They are unique for the reason that, they suit best for a day or night-outs. The dresses have a very comfortable yet unique feel, it looks refreshing in summery day with cottons, jerseys and chiffons. They add a simple yet sophisticated and bohemian feel which is something missing in other short dresses and gowns."

Anupamaa Dayal says, "Maxi dresses have finally arrived and they look very fresh. Bright prints and flowy fabrics rules a maxi dress. This season printed and embellished maxi dress is a recurring theme. They give a flairy and comfortable attitude during hot summer day time."

Inspired by 70s look designer Anita Dongre launches relaxed feminine stuff for hot summer days. Anita's latest collection gets to see hand embroidered and block printed fun collection. She shares, "From the 70s retro group I have designed lot of maxi dresses this season. They have worked pretty well in cotton with lighter hues and block prints. I have given boho-chic look to the dresses. Floating maxis with smocked sides, halter necklines, gathered skirts, layered ribbed and white/pastel prints are ideal for days and evenings."

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