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Frieda Pinto: Fake and Featherbrained

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There are very few people who really manage to seriously tick me off. And two that figure on the top of that list are Karan Johar (yawn. I’ve written too much about him) and Frieda Pinto. The latter is perhaps one of the most outrageously sad personalities I’ve ever come across. In fact, sad is the right word; she reminds me of a sad puppy ninety percent of the time. And it isn’t as though this actress – if you chose to call her one, has oodles of talent. In fact, she lacks zero to no acting skill. What’s worst is her ignorance.

Yes, the Slumdog Millionaire who managed to become a star overnight after her miniscule, quite honestly, useless role in a film that I thought was incredibly off beam (don’t get me started on that). So we, India, did not accept her but she was simply loved by the west. They couldn’t and can’t get enough of the Mumbaikar who according to her, is not “famous in India”.


Isn’t it strange that every Indian actress who heads west to Hollywood all of sudden develops an American accent? And it’s not just Frieda Pinto but Mallika Sherawat and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan apparently drank the same water which changes your vocal chords and almost immediately, the Indian twang is abolished. Pinto of course, has sipped from the same stream. The actress has found herself not only accepted by Hollywood but has taken on their accent. Quick word to the actress, amidst your newly found American-British (which is it?) accent, we do find your roots peeking through, my darling. Especially when you pronounce “accept” as “aak-cept”.


But that isn’t what irks me. It’s her sheer stupidity that never fails to anger me and wish I could throw a book at her. She almost sounds uneducated. Some of her most uninformed comments come in the form of “India doesn’t have a paparazzi” and “People in India do not take me seriously”. Okay. Breathe. Dear Frieda Pinto, you are incredibly misinformed if you really believe that the paparazzi does not exist in India. Please ask the likes of Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan and the Bachchan’s who find themselves having to dodge the shutterbugs who follow them around the city. The reason they don’t subsist in your perception of India is because, yes, like you have correctly realized, you are nobody – and celebrity, no way, in India, and thus they do not feel the need to chase you around. As for not taking you seriously, well, to your name you have a film that did not exactly highlight the greatness of Mumbai. In fact, as a born and bred Mumbaikar, you chose to be a part of a film that basically condemned the city. So yes, you are not taken seriously in your trashy role in a foul film. Slumdog Millionaire was nothing but a fluke which you happened to be a part. Oh and what is up with her claiming she “can’t dance” but yet is trained in four styles of Indian traditional dancing? Which is it then?


Sadly, Frieda Pinto has become the international face of India even though she has not been a part of any Bollywood film and probably will not be a part of one anytime soon. And we couldn’t have anyone worst to represent the country internationally simply because she herself doesn’t consider herself Indian enough. In my opinion, it’s only a matter of time before the west realizes that she is really talentless and the likes of her are found walking around Mumbai every day. As for Pinto, well to her I say, instead of taking acting classes, I suggest she read her interviews. If I were her, I’d be supremely embarrassed at the ignorance I portray. Yes, it is that witless. Drop the accent too babe; it ain’t working for you. And the façade too if you can.


This video says it all...


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sanjoy alexander

somebody finally spoke the truth :D

Illogical bashing

Hi There,

Its true that Frieda's role in SDM was insignificant and yet somehow Lady Luck smiled on her and she became "oh so famous".. specially in the Western World, but whats her fault in that????? Yes she is underserving of all that fame for her role in SDM, but that does not give anyone the right to bash her left right and center. I read your article and then watched the video... where did she say anything about India not having paparazzi ?????? I most certainly didn't hear anything like that !!! And again about her not being famous and well known/accepted in India... she very clearly said, its because she has not done any projects in India, and also she has not even been approached for playing any role in Bollywood. I find that statement pretty truthful.

About that "fake accent" ... this topic always bothers me... I mean how does one define accents? ... What is the "American" accent... or the "British" accent?????? Do Americans all over America have the same accent? MOST CERTAINLY NOT !!! Th accent in the East differs from that of the west and the southern accent is a whole diff league altogether. Same is the case in the UK. We Indians, even we have diff English accents... the Punjabi's speak English very differently from the Gujjus, the Tamils, the Bongs.. etc. So why this bashing on accents????? We are social creatures, and the more we mix with people from different regions, with diff. languages and accents, we tend to pick up some new accents. Its just normal and regular...

And no I am not a Frieda Pinto fan !!!

Why not?

Hello Roshni,

I read through your rant and find it hard to believe that you have chosen to write a blog entry on Freida, who basically has only one film, a bunch of magazine covers and interviews and this video to her credit. You seem to be a bit carried away with assaulting her with words that you've forgotten that everybody should be given a fair chance to prove themselves before you write them off completely.

If the very same Freida had 10 films to her credit and gave flimsy, ignorant interviews any and all the time, then I would be right here next to you bashing her.

Also, I have lived here a very long time in the US, and the accent, if anything, is just a sign of trying to fit in. If she had a thick Indian accent, you'd say, you'll never make it, if you doesn't lose the accent. So, what gives?!

Being ignorant and casual in your 20s, more mature and conservative in your 30s, completely at peace with yourself in your 40s, is typically the way people learn and grow. To label that ignorant is to be ignorant yourself. Let's give the gal a break and see what she can do on screen.. If she can't pass muster, fire away.. if not, hold your peace!

Well I have to agree with the

Well I have to agree with the author. It's not just about her fake accent as the author has pointed out: "But that isn’t what irks me..." yes it's not only that,her "I don't care if I am not popular in India" is a total turnoff! oh come on for god's sake she was just a common girl from goa and look at her now how she acts as a wannabe hollywood star.
People dishing out long lectures on "accents" in the previous commnts is hilarious!


I agree with Roshni

Freida, of late, has been very annoying. This isn't the only interview! While I have my issues with Slumdog Millionaire (SM), I never felt it demeaned Mumbai. Yeah, it did show Mumbai's underbelly. But so many American films show the underbellies of so many American cities. Why are we getting so touchy on this? Because our filmmakers show only Times Square, Central Park, 5th Avenue, etc when they film here?
Anyway.... coming back to Freida. What I found most irritating was, she said that she wouldn't qualify as a 'Bollywood' actress because she can't dance. Hasn't she heard of our Indie/New-Wave cinema? Some of our best actresses are in fact, who have no sense of rythm and are completely untrained in the skill of dancing. Cases in point - Tabu, Konkona. I find it demeaning to have people like her, who insult Indian cinema on a world stage. (I say world stage, because despite a total lack of talent, she seems to be grabbing everyone's eyeballs!)
I am intensely passionate about cinema, am proud of the effort being made in our country to make good cinema and I really could do without Freida Pinto, Mallika Sherawat and Aishwarya Rai kind of nonsense.
Dear West/Hollywood, if you really want an Indian actress, next time will you please pick someone who can actually act? Because, we have tremendous talent and you seem to have a knack to choose the very worst :)

I could never comprehend the

Purba Ray's picture

I could never comprehend the hype surrounding Ms Pinto. Thankfully we don't get to see much of her in India, just pics of her smiling vacuously.

Great job Roshni !

Agree 100% with you !!
Cheers !

Roshni, I understand how


I understand how some of her comments about Bollywood etc etc may come across as her attempting to in some sense 'distance' herself from actresses from Bollywood and India, which can - especially as an Indian - be annoying to hear!

In her defense I have to say, some of her comments during interviews probably just show her side of things! Which is fine! I mean maybe she has never seen the papparazzi in India as much as she has in the States, or London, and so thats just her point of view, which makes it HER reality.

Also about the accent - now thats where I have to completely disagree with you! I moved to the states a few years ago when I was like 24, and I have had to in some sense make my accent more 'neutral', sort of between and Indian-American-Brit accent to be easily understood at work without people having to continuously ask me to repeat myself. I mean, I can't do a presentation at work where people find it hard to understand me, now can I?

When one learns Spanish or French, they get a Spanish or French accent, because speaking spanish in a normal Indian accent wouldn't's sort of the have to in a sense, adapt to your surroundings. I don't think there's anything wrong in being able to slip in and out of accents..and being an Indian actress FROM India in Hollywood or other international films is hard, because Freida Pinto is creating this niche herself, so she's making her own rules. I think people need to cut her some slack.

Pharmacy Rocks! I mean it!

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give her a break

I think she sounds fine and normal. Roshni, some of your comments make sense but its rather harsh and judgemental.
Its not easy to star in hollywood movies and she is talented.
Maybe not as talented as other actors.
Give her a break...
The accent part is ridiculous. She has a british boyfriend, thats probably where she gets some of the brit accent. Either way she sounds fine.

Frieda Pinto is fakeness personified

Hey there! I just want to say that I agree with you totally! I believe I am not one to a judge celebrities for I have a life but this person is just so irking! Frieda Pinto screams 'wannabe' People like that will never be respected. Her fake accent is so damn hilarious. Word of advice to Ms.Pinto: Use one accent woman! US please keep this disgrace called Frieda Pinto!

Awesome...this should make it to facebook and tweeted

Awesome...this should make it to facebook and tweeted. Right on the money.

Frieda Pinto

THANK YOU... I GOOGLED her name and found this one


Unfortunately when u wrote this in 2010 she was a nobody and now in 2015 she hasnt disappeared (

WHEN will that happen?

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