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Fruity Colada

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This is a sweet and tangy mocktail made with young coconut water, Pineapple, and  Cucumber. It's super refreshing and best part for me is munching on young coconut flesh at the end..humm yum yum. This is a lighter version of regular piña colada which has coconut cream or milk, rum, and pineapple. Great summer drink and perfect pair for BBQ.


What you will need
Water of 1 Young Coconut and its flesh. 
Small piece of English Cucumber, Peeled and Seeds removed
Few Chunks of Pineapple, 
Juice of Half Lemon
Mint Leaves, handful
Himalayan Pink Salt, pinch
Sugar to taste
2-3 Ice Cubes
Combine all the ingredients in a blender. Blend on High until smooth.

In serving glass, first add chopped young coconut flesh

4. Pour contents into a tall glass. Garnish with the cucumber and pineapple wedge.

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