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Giving Back

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The Giving Back Project :

It is time for B'Khush to pass on the love and appreciation that it has received from all of you over the years. Eminent artist from Singapore Joyotee Ray Chaudhury has been very kind to be a part of this endeavor.

How are we Giving Back : We are hoping to raise a generous amount through a Silent Auction of Joyotee's painting. We are very much thankful to Joyotee for a creating a masterpiece especially for this project.

Who are we Giving Back to : "Touching Lives" is the charity both B’khush and Joyotee, has agreed, that the proceeds of this painting should go to.

About Touching Lives : Touching Lives is a place of service, a place of loving hope, a place of having faith in oneself and others, a place of experiencing the bliss! This Mumbai based organisation is run by Sonia Mackwani .

To Know More About "Touching Lives" and check out the amazing work they are doing : Please visit their Facebook page :

Like always we need your support and blessings to make this initiative a success. 



The fabulous painting below is created by Joyotee exclusively for the auction.



Return to Innocence


A Message from Joyotee: "Rain the feeling of being cleansed, starting on a fresh note, dancing to the tunes of the rain drops and soaking it all in. Yes, that is precisely, what I feel, rain does to me. It makes me feel very positive and happy. In this painting, I have tried to capture, a careless and carefree state of mind, of a child, or even an adolescent has. The dancing in the rain, with no care to the before or after, the freedom of spirit, one feels when the rain pierces the skin, bathing in the feeling, it arouses in the senses. The splash of playfulness, the total feeling of immersing in the “present moment” and just being a part of it, instead of trying to live it. This is what we unlearn and this is what we need to go back to. Yes the need to, Return to Innocence. 

It is my sincere request that you find a space in your heart to make a generous bid for this painting and make a space in your homes, towards this lovely cause."


Painting size : 18” x 22”

Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas 

Price : U.S. $450 starting bid


If want more information please email us at 


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