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Glamour And Glitter On The Track

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Fashion and sport meeting each other is not new, but a fashion show happening at a polo match is! Designer Vikram Phadnis presented his Summer/Spring Collection at a polo tournament last week.  

The launch that happened in such an unusual way managed to impress all. Vikram says, "I think the amalgamation of fashion and sport is amazing. When I was approached by Amateurs Rider's Club to showcase my collection at the polo match, I agreed to it without thinking twice."

The Amateurs Rider's Club approached the designer to showcase his collection at the polo match because they felt that combination of fashion with a regal sport would be a great thing. In polo there are four rounds and Vikram followed each with his collection.

In the first round he showcased saris in pastels and yummy ice cream shades pf pink, yellow, oranges, beige and so on.

Then there was the second round of cocktail outfits that had funky saris in the shades of whites and silver. Pooja Chopra, Shruti Aggarwal, Shonal Rawat and Radha Brahmabhatt looked pretty in the short dresses, printed gowns, tunics in the shades of white and silver with hints of blues and colorful embroideries. This collection looked rich and compelled the viewers to buy one for each.

Then came the third round which had the fusion line which comprised of maroons, blacks and darker tones.


The fourth round needs a special mention because Vikram effectively presented his collection of evening gowns in bright colours. Bright colours in summer are not always a good idea, but Vikram proved it wrong. His collection managed to show how bright and shiny colours can make a perfect summer evening party dress without making you look too colorful or loud.

Vikram chose to participate in Lakme Fashion Week that happened in Mumbai and missed Wills India Fashion Week in Delhi. He thinks that doing too many fashion shows at one time becomes hectic and hence he was more than happy to participate in just one of them.

Article and Image Source : Femefashions

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