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Growing Up

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My seven year old has only two things in his world of favorites - his 'cars' and his 'mommy' - the first love being his cars offcourse!! He owns about 500 + of them - of different sizes and models - and colors. He' knows' each one of them - personally and cares for them passionately. If you are sensing 'jealousy' here - you are sensing it right!!! I was terribly jealous of this 'possessiveness' of his possessions - until one day.......
During one of our bed-time chat (the only time of the day when his 'second' love gets precedence over his 'first'!) he confessed to me that he does not want to become a 'truck' driver anymore (that was his choice of profession the night before) - but an airplane pilot instead. (His world still revolved around vehicles but I guess he could sense mommy's disconcert the previous night - so he wanted to make amends). I felt a shade better - after all an airplane pilot 's mommy sounded much better than a truck driver's. So, I relaxed a bit and asked him what else he wants to do when he grows up - he said 'I will go to work and earn money like you do and buy you "stuff"'. Great thought!! - I said. He then asked me what 'I' wanted to do when he grows up and I said - I would be an old lady then and would like to retire and stay home. Immediately he asked me - 'will you die then?' (Even his young mind had 'oldness' and death closely associated). I said - 'eventually yes..coz' everyone has to die when they get old.

After a moments silence - he gave me the best hug in his life and said "I don't want to grow up Mommy - I want you to be with me always". I burst out with laughter at his innocent thought - but inside I jumped instantaneously to the seventh heaven to be so indispensable in someone's life!!! And concluded for the 'n'th time that children are the best blessings of God.


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The post is so just touched my heart.


It has happened to me too with my now 5 yr old. She too said she doesn't want to grow up if that means her parents growing older and eventually dying. I laughed and cried at the same time.

Forgot to mention ...loved

Forgot to mention ...loved the content and enjoyed the style :)

Absolutely delightful post!

Absolutely delightful post! Much kudos!

Keep writing! it's wonderful

Keep writing! it's wonderful

Very nice

Very well written Tanushree. I could not stop tears from flowing on my cheek,it touched my heart.You maintain a very natural flow in your writing style.While reading we can visualize it. Keep it up.


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