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Guru-Waheeda Comparison?

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The gold issue of Cineblitz pays tribute to Guru Dutt and Waheeda Rahman by epitomizing them in Aamir and Katrina but that’s where the comparisons end. I see neither two having much resemblence to the yesteryear giants, especially not Miss Kat. Neither certainly dressed the part at the issue launch.

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Cine blitz needs glasses!

Cine blitz needs glasses! crazy ppl.
Katrina and Waheeda..haha!


fashion wear

love katrina saree!! not the manish malhotra maybe sabyacha cant spell oops..

i thnk they need eye laser treatment! kat and waheeda - looka like? i dont thnk so!! but guru dutt does look alike with amir in that particular pose it shown in the video...

amir is funy!
great going.

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