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Haagen Dazs - A Bitter Aftertaste

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There is a big uproar in the online media about Haagen Dazs brand of Ice cream committing a terrible Faux- Pas during the launch of their outlet in Delhi. They have stated it as a teaser campaign.
Have a look at this picture and things will be clear why Indians have their panties in knots.

Its a franchisee owned by an Indian Company and its opening an outlet in India. It means they want to sell the product to Indians, Right???
The 'Access restricted only to holders of International Passports' part kuch jama nahi.
I really wonder about the advertising agency who made this poster and the people in marketing department of Haagen Daz, who approved this poster. This is a blatant insult and racial discrimination done by Indians to Indians. As if, we already do not face that in other countries.
We now say that 'India is a happening Place' then why do we feel like a second grade citizen in our own country. Does it mean that a person with a International Passport is superior and hence will get special treatment? I feel we Indians suffer from a 'Gori Chamdi (Skin)' syndrome. We think anything made abroad is always better than 'Made in India'. Please wake up and smell the coffee. I am living in 'UK' for past two years and all I have seen is 'Made in India' tags or 'Made in some other Asian country' tag on all the stuff. Here in the 'UK' , they proudly sell their goods as 'Homegrown' or 'Made in UK'. Why are we so ashamed of 'Made in India'?
International Passport Holders have already tasted Haagen-Dazs. For them, it is how 'Amul' or 'Vadilal' is for us. I too admit, Haagen Dazs is delicious. But, its just an Ice cream for God sakes.
Haagen-Dazs sure did come to India with a Bang. I am sure they must have done some research on Bollywood Stars. This controversy has given them free publicity and advertising.
In spite of the uproar and so many blog posts written on this insult, people will soon forget what the whole fuss was about and enjoy a delicious scoop of their 'Baileys Irish Cream'.
'We are like this only'
P.S: Photo Courtesy 'Times of India' 

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Nahin re Vinnie..

I had seen the Ad in that very mall...I think it was a marketing campaign,well-intended,but which went haywire because people in our country "sniff" for issues...The furore created over this campaign only highlights the subdued inferiority complex we have...There was nothing offensive in the Ad..It was just trying to position the product as a "classier" variant and was trying to tell that the market segment which are international travelers would have heard of their brand,which maybe the Vadilal eating "Raam-Bhaau's" might not have.
Since decades,people have done this deftly. Remember Rolls Royce ? Or Rolex ?

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