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"Haldi" is Healthy!

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Recent research says, that eating a lot Indian curry might help you loose weight! Scientists believe that haldi, or turmeric, which is used in most Indian meals, has an active ingredient that can help fight obesity.

According to a study by Tufts University in Boston, Haldi or turmeric contains a plant based chemical called curcumin, which suppresses the growth of fat tissue in mice and humans."Weight gain is the result of the growth and expansion of fat tissue, which cannot happen unless new blood vessels form, a process known as angiogenesis," said senior study author Mohsen Meydani of the Jean Mayer U.S. Department of Agriculture.
Researchers gave one set of mice high-fat diets and another set the same food with 500mg of curcumin added to each meal. After 12 weeks the mice who were on the curcumin diet weighed less than those who were on high fat diets.
At present the research is being carried  outonly on mice...but you humans keep eating your "Haldi" everyday!

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Thanks for the informative post :) I am gonna put double haldi in everything I cook. Lets hope the I lose a kilo or two


Haldi has so many health

Haldi has so many health benefits. It acts as an antiseptic, it's good for liver, it is used as a natural skin whitener and now I got to know that it also helps to reduce weight.3 cheers to our "Haldi"

Yay to Haldi!! Thanks for

Yay to Haldi!!

Thanks for letting us know.

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