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 Betwixt and between fall and winter

Comes along a celebration of superstition

Riding astride plenty and paucity, life and death

Lies a world blurred by the living and the dead

Ghosts tour the earth as winter ushers dread


Phantoms and vampires flock the earth

The vigil of the Samhain glows all night

Its embers in each household fires light

Days get shorter and nights stretch longer

All Hallows Eve is now Halloween


A night piqued in horror and monstrosity

Spooks, ghosts and walking skeletons

Witches, wizards, bats, cats and spiders

Blood, fire, gravestones and bones

Symbols of death sound eerie moans


Summon the warmth of fun and frolic

To chase the frightening and grotesque.

Masquerade parties and costumed kids

Fill the night with all their mirth

When All Hallows Eve meets All Saints Day.


Treats flock the nefarious

Ought not they trick the virtuous

Vampire Balls and Zombie Raves

Perform in great ghost costumes

At graveyard sites, in Grim Reaper's robes


Li'l angels guised as monsters

Knock on your doors

Where hang spooky wreaths

'Trick or treat' they cry

Delight 'em with bun, candy or apple pie


Hollowed out pumpkins lit by candles hang

Bags of candy at doors, stand

The cold wind blows a mischief night

As "Funeral March" plays the note

At a 'Dead Like Me Party' or a 'Werewolf Ball'


Hours of gaiety and blithe

Ensues drones ousting revelry

As the freeze deadens the dark night

Time to stub the wrong and wrathful

And celebrate the new coming season


October thirty first is for

The dead of Celts, the goddess of Romans

And the saints of Christianity

 A time to share and get together

Time for reflection and celebration


To the dead and the living

As you get locked in the spell of the night

And fill your senses with awe and delight

Think of what you’d shockingly mutter

Were you to knock on Psychopath's door


"Have a creepy, eerie, bewitching Halloween!"


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Very nice .

AB's picture


Thanks Ayon! Much appreciated

Ruby Sahay's picture

Thanks Ayon! Much appreciated :)


Wow! So well written.

Thank you, Surabhi :)

Ruby Sahay's picture

Thank you, Surabhi :)

Well Written!

anita.a's picture

A nice poem Ruby... good choice of words too! You choose a perfect voice for Halloween!
 'Dil mange more' of your poems!!


Thank you!

Ruby Sahay's picture

Thank you, Anita.... I have a few more to share :)

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