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Happy Father's Day

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What Makes a Dad

God took the strength of a mountain,
The majesty of a tree,
The warmth of a summer sun,
The calm of a quiet sea,

The generous soul of nature, 
The comforting arm of night,
The wisdom of the ages, 
                                                          The power of the eagle's flight...


                                                           The joy of a morning in spring, 
                                                         The faith of a mustard seed,
                                                    The patience of eternity, 
                                                       The depth of a family need,

                                                     Then God combined these qualities,
                                               When there was nothing more to add,
                                              He knew His masterpiece was complete,
                           And so,

                               He called it ... Dad




B'Khush wishes all the dear Dads a very Happy Father's Day! 


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And daddy played the violin…
serenading the Sunday air so wanton for a tune
Yellow rice in the pot…
The white chapel in the distance
competing for shades with the perfect blue sky

And daddy played the violin
Mamma in her floral best
Sorpotel in the pot…
The stench of vinegar in her palms
Yardley in her hair…
mackerels in the pan…
And daddy played the violin

And when the papayas ripened
And the river dried
And snakes shed their winter skin
while foliage browned in the summer sun
and Jackfruit scented the backyard
Daddy played the violin

And daddy played the violin
When the monsoons came
And the river tread a new path
And foliage bloomed in tropical splendor
When feni flowed at litanies
And prayers were offered for flooding lands
And broken hearts
Daddy played the violin

And they played the violin
the day mummy wore black
and folks carried the brown box
singing hymns and chanting prayers
on the last sojourn to eternal rest…
the rites were said…the mud shed
autumn leaves all around….
And silence shattered….
when daddy played the violin…

Play on daddy…
play the violin daddy…
my wanton heart longs for a tune…
….and daddy, he played the violin. – Arthur Cardozo

There is one man in a girl's

There is one man in a girl's life who stays special forever in her life, and thats her mentor, guide, who taught her to walk, talk, share and care in his own special way. He is the one who first gave her the first image of the male species in the world. Probably, that is the reason most girls look for her father's attributes in their husbands/boyfriends. Fathers day is just a platform to make your dad really special and thank him for the cherished years and learning you have got from him. Else, all days are special spent with one's father. I love my dad for all the special things he has done for me all these years, for teaching me to live life with complete integrity and honesty, for making my heart compassionate and humble..
Happy Father's Day to me and to him for the special bond we share..

Namita Kohli
Reach me at:

Happy father's day to you and all :)

aks2008's picture

Well, lovely piece of stuff. Thanks for sharing it with all of us. Wishing you and everyone on bkhsuh a very happy father's day :))


Excellent Read

Great poetry there! Happy father's day! :)

-- N J

Thinking out loud on Father's Day...

Thinking out loud on Father's Day...

In my 39 years, I cannot recall sharing secrets with my dad or telling him all about my day. As a child, I recall him reading stories and then buying books and other beautiful stuff from every country he visited on his trips. During my teenage years, he was the ever protective father figure, who said more with silence than speech. As I left home to pursue studies, his wariness about my well being, security etc. continued, much to my irritation. Boys and boy friends were never a topic of discussion with him.

However, he did pay me my biggest compliment when I introduced him to Neel in person , the day before our wedding his exact words were.. "I am not sure I would have been able to find such a wonderful man for you..."

Never forgot those words. The day I left home formally as a bride amidst a quiet wedding and a looming fear of an upcoming bypass operation on dad in the following 2 weeks, I recall he said.."whatever you do, know we are here, and you will make us proud..." I have been married for 12 years but that moment gets me by the gut each time.

Through all this time, I could never relate to my friends who were their "father's daughter" , confided in their fathers about everything, shared all their stories.. for me it was always mom. There was this wall between my father and I that could be attributed to very different ways of thinking and probably generational nuances and differences.

This year, I got a slightly differently glimpse of my relationship with my dad when he visited us in March for his San Antonio Conference. A dear friend asked me to "talk to" him , really talk, take the time to spend time... and not lose this time I would have with him. I heeded his advice and I am not sure what exactly transpired because there was nothing new we shared, or talked about and yet when he left for India, I missed him in a way I had never done in my life.

It is strange how you sometimes rediscover relationships that you often take for granted or don't give much thought to, just coz they exist. Also it is amazing how the impermanence of one's tangible relationship with one's father and the permanence of a spiritual one with him, bring newer perspectives to life.

I claim no direct knowledge of such a hard experience, but with a couple of my dearest friends losing their father in a physical sense but realizing their presence in a way that pushes them further, is what I am most inspired about on this Father's Day. I have never written a note about my dad.. today I wanted to, and send him my heartfelt gratitude and regards that I have the fortune of being his daughter.

To all of you reading this post, who are in my shoes, or in the shoes of some of my friends who have gone through some tough times with their father's health or other issues, or are brilliant fathers yourself...

Kudos to you... Congratulations....

You make every daughter want to be "daddy's little girl" and every son call you.."my hero..."

God bless...


Pritha (USA)

Hearing the Untold

There are a million things I could write about when it comes to my Dad. All the conventional goody-goody things that all daughters would write. How Daddy used to buy me chocolates, how he tucked me into bed, how he used to spoil me rotten. But this Father’s Day, I want to mention some of the things which don’t always come to the forefront when you think of good memories. But memories which all the same speak of a special bond between a father and his daughter. Things which were not spoken or expressed directly but which left an impression in my heart long after they happened...

Read the entire post :

Maria (Singapore)

Good job Antara

Unfortunately the comments are full blown articles in themselves which kinda crowd the lovely original lines.


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