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Heal With Smita : Vision Boards and Gratitude!

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Do you have unfulfilled desires? Do you have goals to achieve? Did you as a child always wanted to do that something “special” which you still haven’t done? Do you sometimes lack focus, get entangled in everyday routine and leave your goals behind?Our goals or wishes could be from any walk of life, from losing weight, to starting to work again, improving self-esteem, raising kids happily, buying a house, starting your own business, going to the gym, or earning more.

Keeping it simple, if as a child you ever wanted to learn singing or dancing, do gardening, fly a plane or act in movies, if you have any unfulfilled deep desires, it’s time that we work on fulfillment of those heart-touching, Soul-touching things of our life by putting our energies/Shakti into them.

So let’s work on increasing contentment and enhancing the creative Joy in our lives.But how can we bring clarity on what we want to do, stay focused and achieve that.There are two very important techniques for this. First is Vision Board and the second is Gratitude list.

A vision board sets out our plan and heart’s desire in a much more visual and creative way, and a gratitude list helps us dissolve past Karmas or old beliefs which might be stopping us from receiving what we want. Both are important in manifestations and contentment.

Let’s see both these aspects in some detail to achieve what we want.


Vision Board

A vision board, also called a Visual Explorer or a Creativity Collage, is a poster board on which you paste pictures that you’ve collected from various magazines or printed from Google image search.

The idea behind this is that when you surround yourself with images of who you want to be, what you want to have, where you want to live, or where you want to vacation, your life changes to match those pictures and those desires.

So make a list of things you have wanted to do, to be, and places to go. Pull out pictures relating to them and put them on your Vision Board. A Vision board is slightly different from Dream Board, being more realistic. We can make both, to be honest, as miracles do occur; you never know what comes true for the highest good.

Go through the pictures on Vision Board again after a week or month, and eliminate any pictures that no longer feel right. This step is where your intuition comes in. As you lay the pictures on the board, you’ll get a sense how the board should be laid out. For instance, you might assign a theme to each corner of the board like Health, Job, Spirituality, Relationships.

  • Add affirmations if you want.
  • Place a photo of yourself where you look radiant and happy in the center of the board.
  • Place your vision board in a place where you will see it often.



Types of Vision Boards:

1 - The “I Know Exactly What I Want” Vision Board

Make this vision board if you’re very clear about what you want. With your desire clearly in mind, set out looking for the exact pictures which portray your vision. If you want to start your own business, find images that capture that idea for you. If you want to learn guitar, then find that picture, and so on.


2 – The “Opening and Allowing” Vision Board

Make this vision board if:

- You’re not sure what exactly you want

- You have a vision of what you want, but are uncertain about it in some way.

- You know you want change but don’t know how it may be possible.

Search for pictures that delight you. Hold the picture and ask yourself what this picture might mean. What is it telling you about yourself? Most likely you’ll know the answer. If you don’t, but you still love the image, then put it on your vision board anyway. It will have an answer for you soon. Some people in my workshops initially had no idea what their board was about, and it wasn’t until two months later that they understood.

Anyone can make a vision board, including children.


Now let’s see how to attract what we have put on our Vision Board by Gratitude.

Gratitude and Giving

Giving is a form of receiving. The more we give the more we receive. Making of weekly Gratitude list helps in obstacles and ego dissolving. Giving and sharing triggers Manifestations on a deeper level as they increase the vibration of Love by opening the Heart Chakra. Giving increases the Self-Worth, it fills us with Joy, that we did something good. As you take action through sincere giving, the law of attraction responds and you are given back in every area of your life through people, circumstances, and events.

So if you want to receive, and start manifesting your Vision Board, start giving gratitude to what you already have.


Few nice effective ways of expressing gratitude:

1. Morning gratitude session: Take two-three minutes each morning to give thanks to whoever or whatever you’re grateful to/for. Close your eyes and silently give thanks. This one act can make a huge difference at the start of the day.


2. Turn your wounds into wisdom: Choose one incident that you do not like. Ask yourself what did I learn from that incident? And what are the good things that came out of it. Give your gratitude to those good things.


3. If you have put healthy loving relationships in your Vision Board, choose few peoplewho you care about. Take one person at a time, and hold his/her photograph in your hands. Close your eyes and for a minute visualize that the person's health, wealth, and happiness have been fully restored.

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”- Gautama Buddha


4. If you have put receiving appreciation from people in your Vision Board, be thankful to those who made a difference in your life. For Example, thanking our teachers is a way to thank all the guidance, support, knowledge. After thanking, reflect on why you liked those teachers. What impression of your personality got touched or shaped by those teachers?


5. If you have put an affirmation for more money in your Vision Board, include the following in your gratitude list:

a) Thank the Universe that you had food, home, education in your childhood.

b) The doctor visits you had as a child, and so on.

Being grateful for what we had and have till now is a way of attracting and improving finances according to Law of Attraction.


6. Health: Gratitude for your Body

a) The ability to walk gives us freedom and mobility to enjoy life. Thank your legs and 

b) Hands are the major tools of life, so never criticize your fingers if they are if they are fat or short or too skinny. Without the use of your hands you would be dependent on other people to do things.

 c) Sense of taste gives pleasure. Sense of smell: flowers, fragrance, food, freshly-cut grass. The miracle of the eyes enables us to see. All other body organs are important too.

So if you are putting any affirmation or picture of being in perfect health, start your gratitude list for your body along with right food and exercise to see the results.

Keeping our hands on the body part which is paining and observing why is it paining can give us deep insights to what in life is bothering us. 

"At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each one of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us."~ Albert Schweitzer (1875 - 1965) Nobel Peace Prize-Winning Medical Missionary and Philosopher

Here are few beautiful affirmations which we can combine with these exercises:

− I am a Radiant being of Divine Love and Divine Light.

− Everything is working out for my and my family’s highest good. Whatever I need to know is revealed to me.

− Whatever I need comes to me. All is well. I am protected with Divine grace.

− I allow my True purpose to flow. I allow my creativity to flow.

− I see the beauty of my Soul. My Magnificent, infinite self now lives and expresses through my Body.

− I allow miracles in my life. The Universe is abundant and abundant blessings flow through me and around me. With Divine Blessings, I am focused, peaceful and I am healthy.

− I give love and I receive love with ease.

Yes my friends, it’s effective in more ways than what we might be thinking. Try it and see how content you feel. The more content we feel, more contentment we attract and pull!Remember that a large part of your success with a vision board is in believing that you can do it and then figuring out how to meet your goals or achieve your dreams.

Imagine and feel whatever you want and those will be the pictures you receive back in your life.

To use the power of Gratitude, practice it. When anything good happens to you during the day, give thanks. Gratitude is the bridge from negative feelings to harnessing the force of love.

Finally, as you make your Vision Boards, do a monthly follow-up on it and make your weekly/daily gratitude lists to keep moving to a more content, healthier and more joyful state of Vibration to attract the same. Well, if you get the opportunities, grab them.

Gratitude to all the readers who are reading this article right now, and gratitude to all the known and unknown Divine Helpers who help us in our life’s journey.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask, my email id is Love, Light and Joy.


About the Author : Smita Govil is a Reiki GrandMaster Teacher, a Motivational Speaker and a Meditation Coach here in bay area, CA.  She teaches Reiki and Meditations in Campbell, Fremont and Milpitas Community Centers. A very compassionate person, she is a mother, a wife, a daughter,  full of energy and deep motivation, to encourage others to live their life to the fullest. 
Her meetup link:
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Wonderful practical thoughts.

I often did a version of the vision board exercise during goal setting sessions in a strategy workshops. And a gratitude journal is what a friend gave me last Christmas. Your article is a great inventive to go back to it each night. Thank you.

Warm regards


Will definitely try the

Will definitely try the Vision Board with my kids. Great write up.


Thanks Surabhi

Do make one, you will be amazed to see how things work!

Your youtube channel is so

Your youtube channel is so informative. And loving your B'Khush column too. 



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