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High Definition Makeup Does Wonders

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The high-tech look works wonders for anyone. Make-up artists ensure that the skin of the people facing the TV cameras looks superfluously flawless, especially when viewed on HD television screens.  

The high-tech look gives surprise to the skin, unforgiving of the flaws on the human face. The crystal clear HD (High-Definition) technology for televisions, films and photography will not just catch the dark circles, pimples, scars or natural blemishes on the face but, will magnify them as well.
Make-up artists are now getting much help from HD make-up from top-of-the-line cosmetic brands. This gives an immaculate makeover coverage.
Yatan Ahluwalia, make-up artist says, "HD make-up came into being with the introduction of HD technology in different media like television, movies and photography. The tech look make-up ensures that the skin looks flawless, especially when seen on HD screens. This is more expensive than regular make-up and touch-up."
Such make-up is not just wonderful when one is getting photographed, appearing in a video or for those working in television, it is also a boon for mature skins.
How It Works:
Brands like M.A.C, Colorbar, Christian Dior and more to name, are doing serious research to create special lines of HD products. They have introduced V E (Vitalumiere Eclat) compact powder priced Rs 3300 in six shades for all skins, whereas V F (Vitalumiere Fluid) in three different amber shades to hide flaws is available in Rs 2500.
Christian Dior's Capture HD Serum SPF 15 is available in Rs 5045, it boasts crystal pigments to make one look picture perfect. The foundation also comes with age defying ingredients.
HD range is very expensive than regular ones, but Colorbar offers a range with the floor-price of Rs 200 that goes up to Rs 425.
"HD make-up contains light-catching and scattering components that make the skin look blemish free under most light conditions," says make-up artist Jojo.
Samir Modi, MD Colorbar Cosmetics says, "HD make-up covers conceals all the flaws subtly than regular or mineral make-up does. It gives the skin a lighter look unlike the regular make-up which can look thick or layered. It's a perfect way to get a natural, no make-up look."

Ace make-up artist, Cory Wallia explains, "I use high-definition make-up on models for photo shoots. This make-up indicates that even this science has become cutting-edge, it has reached the stage of super yet refined make-up."
Such touch-up is gradually picking popularity in India as the awareness for this specialised line of make-up is on the rise. Currently it is manufactured by international brands but with the gradual production by Indian cosmetic companies, the popularity in India will also expand.

Bollywood's master make-up artist Mickey Contractor says, "The HD make-up session is very delicate. One should take proper care while using it, as well as after the make-up session. It should never be used with glitter as the most minute of particles get blown out of proportion and that shows up on screen. Those with open pores and acne scars should avoid it as these flaws get emphasised under the lights."

Yatan Ahluwalia also believes, "Though HD make-up is designed in a unique way to work better,  it can safely be worn on a daily basis too."

Yatan and Jojo work regularly with HD foundations, powders, blush and concealers with all skin types especially with mature skin. It helps you to look young and fresh. 
Article Source: FemmeFashions



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Waaaao this is interesting

Waaaao this is interesting !!!!

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