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 How does one accessorize the soft sheaths of a maxi dress or the sensual curves of a clingy jump-suit, or the subtle décolletage of a strapless tube? Personally, I don’t accessorize as much as I would like to—more often than not because I do not particularly like the ‘busy’ look, but also because I feel like even too much textile would overwhelm my frame, let alone jewelry, totes, belts, and scarves.

The very valuable comments on last months post—“Sassy Spring Chic”—did in fact bring home the notion that harem pants are not for everyone, especially if you’re not particularly lithe or reedy. On the other hand however, yes, fashionistas do usually recommend coupling both the jump suit and the maxi dress with flat thongs, but really, I don’t see anything at all wrong in adding a touch of pizzazz with taller strappy numbers. Again, yes, jump suits and maxi dresses are perhaps more casual, lolling-around ensembles, but for those of us who don’t tower over everyone else, I think they are both flexible enough for more formal occasions. I mean, let’s face it—I don’t know if any of you out there have seen this, but some trendy young uns are now flaunting the no-footwear look. If the no-footwear—of, “I have crummy feet look” can be trendy, I don’t see why the casually formal look can’t.

      Anyway, enough about tall sandals versus no sandals at all. Let’s move on to scarves and wraps, which are in my opinion, the most delightful substitutes for big clunky winter coats, or even lighter spring jackets. The Slum-Dog Millionaire phenomenon, for all else it may have done vis-à-vis popular culture, has definitely made North American fashion gurus more comfortable with the longer scarf, what ‘back home’ we call dupattas. In fact, if I was to be honest, I would say that Frieda Pinto’s butter-cup yellow sheath in the anthem ‘Jai Ho’ is perhaps one of the least interesting pieces of textile I could think of if I were thinking dupattas—seriously, with the completely bewildering range of choices we have in such pieces? Given that florals are so absolutely in this spring, I would recommend at least some embellishments on one’s scarf or warp; but of course, one also has to tread very carefully in so far as prints and florals are concerned. I mean, one wouldn’t want to walk around looking like a panel of curtains, would one, now?

      Again, I know the ‘busy look’ may not always be a bad thing, but what with floral prints, and bursts of colors, and sheaths and sheaths of cloth, jewelry must be kept at a minimum. And this, despite the fact that the gurus say that chunky stuff is back. It may well be, but again for those of us whose frames are overwhelmed by precious little, I would stay with a minimalist look. Indeed, my suggestion is to go with any one thing—an ear piece, a neck piece, or something for the wrists.

      In a piece on accessories, I feel like I should not sign off without some pearls of wisdom about totes or bags—but believe me, I am the worst bag person on the planet. Any suggestions anyone?

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Nice Article!

I agree that when everything around you is so don't need to accesserise yourself so much!We can keep it simple...with a comfy pair of flipflops and a stylish spring purse. I saw some good ones at Payless! check them out!


Yes definitely the chunky stuff is back! I just love the chinese charm jewelries.these are sleek and light but on the other hand very trendy and hip.I would say they are perfect for small frames.

If we r talking abt spring

If we r talking abt spring accessories I would vote for flip flops.You don't need anything else!...tanks,shorts and your funky pair of flip flops...oh don;t forget your sun glasses!
Nice choice of article...:-)

Spring is in the air!

First I liked the article...the author has done a good job!
Now about spring accessories...I would defintely love to add my 2 cents.
* show off your ankles with those hip anklets.
* "No heel" look can sometimes make you look stumpy if worn with the wrong outfit.
*If you are short framed avoid wearing long pants that bunches at the bottom.


Alice in wonderland

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