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Highlight or Lowlight – You Decide!

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A large forehead, fat lips or double chin can be distractive from an otherwise beautiful face. But, the correct application of make up can hide the flaws and define what needs to be defined. This article is about some simple tricks to camouflage your flaws and to bring out your best features. 

Highlighting generally means to lighten. By creating contours, highlighting eventually brings out certain features in your face. Sheetal Mehta a make up artist says, “While highlighting a part of your face make use of colors that are one shade lighter than your basic skin tone.”
Though the products while highlighting should be a shade lighter , assure that your base color is the same. For instance, if you have a brown base color in your natural skin tone, the items you make use of should also have a brown base color. If you are not sure of your base color, check with a good beautician.
Parts to highlight:

•The middle part of your eyelids.
•The portion below your eyebrow [ the brow bone] 
•The portion under the eyes.
•The middle of your forehead that goes down to the bridge of your nose.
•The cheeks.
•The part around the corners of your lips.
•The part below the middle of your lower lip.
For thin lips, first apply a light lip color and then apply a highlighter between the peaks of upper lip and under the middle of the lower lip. This makes your lips appear plump and full.
“Low lighting or otherwise called shading is to use a color that is one or two shades darker than your natural skin tone,” says Sheetal Mehta. This process is to give a neat sharpness and definition to your natural bone construction. Yet again, the base color of your products or items should be similar to the base color of your natural skin tone.
Parts to lowlight or shade:

•To make your eyes shine out, use them all along the crease of your eyelids.
•If you have double chin, you can use them under your chin and your neck. This forms depth and strengthens the jaw line.
•Apply them around the temples to sharpen your face. If you have a wide forehead , a light bronzer can be applied to each temple, this will make the head appear more rounded.
•To make your features more prominent, trace them around your hairline.
•To make your nose look more narrower, you can shade the sides of your nose and below the tip of your nose.
•You can use them at the hallows of your cheeks, that is right below your cheekbones.
•If you have fuller lips, to slim them apply a deep shade to the entire lip.
To highlight or shade a portion, one needs to know how to blend well. You can make use of your fingertips [assure you wash your hands and keep them clean while applying your make-up], sponge or a contour brush depending on your products. Certain products or items are best when the touch up is done by brush and certain products are better when done with the hands. Ultimately, the key to highlight and lowlight is to find a way to balance out your face and that is achieved by practice. 
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very informative

very informative..
Can u also explain how to do proper make up for different face shapes.

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