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Holistic Wellness- "Accept Yourself"

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What is Holistic Wellness? : A holistic approach of wellness is combination of: your diet, movement, spiritual and mental wellness. You can have a beautiful body, but if your inner issues are not resolved, soon you will encounter some problems in your physical body. It is important to find a balance on inner issues like your happiness and your quiet time through sleep and meditation. Thoughts, sleep, stress, your dreams and movement. Everything counts. This approach to wellness is very scientific, as well as being influenced by eastern culture of Chakra and yin-yang. We look at movement with the primal pattern, for example lunges, squats, push, pull and twist. We diet according to your metabolic type but, to us, nutrition is nourishment too. happiness comes in the form of your dreams. Quiet time is meditation, for expression we do art work like Mandala and sleep. A holistic coach is a fine practitioner in movement and a healer too where s/he will reach inside your spiritual and mental level too. In short your body is a temple but the idol of that temple or say Prana lives inside so it is important to look at all aspect rather then focusing just on one thing.



This Week's Topic :

Accept Yourself


Yesterday, I took out my measuring tape yesterday to check my measurements and not to my surprise, I had lost 6.5 inches. When I told this to my teenage daughter she asked what did I do differently this time. She said that she never saw me eating differently or putting extra effort in my regular training. And here is what was different this time: 

1. I was watching how I flow. I was not getting stressed when I dresses were getting tighter; instead, I looked out for things which were beautiful and wise inside me. 

2. I observed my eating pattern. Was I eating because I was stressed or just because my mind wanted or was it really to satisfy my hunger? Mostly, I was eating what my mind was asking, but slowly I could see the signs where emotions were playing a part in my food intake.

3. I reviewed my work-out plan and thought I must write it differently to get a different result this time. And yes! That worked out pretty well. 

4. I am maintaining diary to monitor my sleep, my poo, my sex drive, my energy level and my mood. It helped me to understand how my body reacts differently to the stressors. Happy to note that, there were not much changes here. 

5. I accepted myself 100 percent as I was before I started changing the shape. Believe me, it makes a lot of difference. Starting something on a positive note (total acceptance of who you are!) gives better results than starting something as a negative reaction to an issue. 

6. On days, when I felt tired or did not feel like exercising, I rested fully. No half-hearted attempts here. 

7. When I was working out or walking, I did push myself 20-30 per cent more 

8. I ate everything what I wanted to eat. But when I did not want to eat, I never reached out to that packet of crisps or peanuts. 

9. I stopped reading the stuff which will “make me different” or “transform me”. Instead, I decided to pay attention to what my body was telling me. I layered that with my knowledge and experience to give what my physical body deserved. 

10. There was no pressure to reduce those inches – if it happened, I was happy; if it did not, then perhaps that's what my body should be. Sharing this to inspire all of you who believe in my work or trying hard to look perfect but disappointed. The secret is to do it your way! Ask for help from people who coache in same pattern. 


Let’s build up the above to explain. How does stress affect you? Stress releases a hormone, Cortisol in your body. This hormone comes in action when we face fight or flight situation. We need this hormone to give us that extra strength when we need it in a really adverse situation. During adverse situations, this hormone is produced which increases our body fat and lose our lean muscles. 

However, in this modern age we worry a lot on every issue – howsoever big or small. The result it that ‘flight or fright’ has become a norm than an exception. As a result of this stress we keep on increasing our body fat and losing the lean muscles. This is directly against the principles of good body shape where you need less body fat and leaner muscles. So in effect, when you worry about losing that extra inch, you are actually gaining a few of them by getting stressed about it. Here is a good YouTube video by my friend and coach JP Spears on this topic:

This issue is also related with the blockages of the lower chakras. The lower chakras are related to safety and security. More fat in your abdomen, thighs or in waist is an indication of lower chakra blockage. A simple way to handle stress, is this. When you are in a stressful situation, ask yourself, “Is my life in danger?” And if not, then you can resolve the issue with much less stress (and hence Cortisol) than before.

Now, do you understand my point on not getting stress about my weight or anything unnecessary? Rather look at the things you are good at or you feel great about. 

Next time when you reach for food, ask this to yourself - Am I hungry? Or am I just bored? Am I sad? Am I happy? If the answer is you are hungry then take your plate, eat sitting down and enjoy the food. If the answer is anything else, then the chances are that you are an emotional eater. Do not panic. The realisation is a big thing – something which many of us do not get in their lifetime.

At least now you know that you eat to resolve something which is bothering you or there is an emotion attached to it. Work with a Coach or try to work out yourself what you can do to resolve that. 

Third one is if you are doing any type of exercise try doing something else too or make it more challenging. I will soon write a blog on this too but meanwhile try to do things differently to get result. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is utter foolishness. 

If something has not worked in the past for you, chances are that they will not work again, unless things have changes dramatically. So if working out in the gym, or cutting down on some food has not worked for you in the past, chances are they will not work again, and leave you more frustrated. 

Make a change. If gym has not worked for you, try a different activity- say gardening or walking or cycling. If cutting down on food has not worked for you, try regulating your intake. Seek help from a holistic coach who will help you understand your metabolic type and suggest which food type works best for you. 

Health means a good sleep. Sleep is very important for your body. Your. Sex drive should be high. Don’t try to supress it. And if your sex drive is less, it is unhealthy. You need to work on your second chakra to help it. 

Accept yourself with all your flaws and imperfections because you are beautiful. You are unique. Why do you need someone else’s figure or skin? When did you last look at yourself in the mirror without criticism? Take off your clothes and stand before a mirror. You may have an extra inch or two on your waist – but if it goes well with your body shape, you don’t want to lose it! You may like to put some extra fat - but if your body shape is petite, that may not look too good on you! 

Sometimes, I do eat things which are labelled junk or bad. However, if I am eating healthy most of the time, I can afford to eat anything (read junk food) without feeling bad about it. The important thing to remember is to know what is junk food. I am surprised at the lack of ignorance in this area (obviously helped by the skewed publicity from the fast food chains). A burger or a Panini can 

NEVER contribute to your 5-a-day! Forget it, howsoever good proteins it may have. You might be  surprised to know my choices has moved to a very balanced healthy diet. Without feeling guilt or shame I sometime enjoy some junk food too. 

Take enough rest. Go for holidays. Learn to play unbound. Unbound play helps a lot. However that will be the subject of another blog! 

Do not get confused by reading about or following people who have a negative impact on you or distract you. Just look around – the market is flooded with diets, and self-help books and those ‘tips’ that would get you your desired body/skin in weeks! And you have tried some of them before too. Did it work? No? Why not? Health tip is not ‘one size that fits all’. Every person’s body and skin are unique. It reacts uniquely to what is offered to them.

Something that has worked for your friend may not work for you. You need to understand your body’s needs and feed it what works best. And a starting point is learning to listen to your body. The first thing that my clients learn is listening to their bodies. And if they remember that, it helps them always – whether they are with me or not! 

And to end it, consistently believing in yourself, loving yourself will bring you closer to your goal. You don’t think you are worthy? Talk to someone who you trust. Ask them what they like in you. And at the very least, believe in that! 

Bye for now! Love life, because life is beautiful. And you make it so. So long till my next blog!


About the author : Archna is a qualified Holistic Life style Practitioner from CHEK Institute, USA.  In addition, she has  done a number of courses in nutrition, and various forms of healing.  Archna works  with her clients located globally  on issues related to weight loss, depression, addiction, digestive issues, skin or physical issues in body. She has conducted a number of workshop worldwide. She is a keen writer on motivating and inspiring people with her work.  Her approach involves a mix of east and west cultures, she is known for her work on Chakra System and yin-yang system. A mother of two grown up kids, a dog and a loving husband she maintains a fine balance between home and her work.  

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Perfectly timed

Thanks Archana...from my belly!! I was at a talk yesterday and we stood for photographs after that. It boggles my mind that my mirror should be in direct conflict with my camera! I looked like a walll!! My stress spiked...told my husband I should go live in a cave...but I shall take a deep breath and read your piece every morning :)
Mona Vijaykar


Thanks Mona for your beautiful words.

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